California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Agenda: June 22, 2000

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Integrated Waste Management Board
Permitting and Enforcement Conference Room
Sacramento, California

1. Introduction, Approval of Minutes, Agenda Adjustments

2. Resolution Updates (5-15 minutes each, ~60 total):

a. 98-07 (AB 847 and Appliances, See 00-1 below)
b. 99-02 (Construction & Demolition Regulations and Workgroup)
c. 99-03 (Organics Workgroup - Done)
d. 99-04 (Enforcement Regulations and AB 59 Workshops)
e. 99-08 (CEQA Resolution Continuation)
f. 99-09 (10% and Source Separated "Advisory")
g. 00-01 (Metallic discards legal services and final guidance request)
h. 00-02 (Request for Lisa Brown, CalEPA, talk at conference, Inspector Certification and interagency coordination)

3. Topics (15-30 minutes each, ~120 total):

a. Enforcement Regulations (New Developments - Hearing Panels, July Public Hearing)
b. Closed sites/burn dumps, authorities and 2136
c. CIWMB July (?) Permitting "Workshop" (Conformance Finding, CEQA, Permit Process, Time Frames, Etc.)
d. CCDEH-SWPC and EAC Roles, Round Tables, TACs, Etc.
e. CalEPA Inspector Certification Program

4. CIWMB Updates (5-10 minutes each, ~30 total):

a. Organics
b. CIWMB Organization Chart
c. Conference (EAC Booth?)
d. Permit Desk Manual (Working Group)

5. Other (~30 Minutes)

6. Wrap-up and next meeting (~15 Minutes)

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