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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Resolutions: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—March 30, 2000

Representing: Lassen, Modoc, Plumas and Sierra Counties
Lassen County Public Health Department
555 Hospital Lane, Susanville, CA  96130
(530) 251-8183 Fax (530) 251-4871

May 18, 2000

Julie Nauman
Deputy Director, P&E Division
California Integrated Waste Management Board
8800 Cal Center Drive
Sacramento, CA  95826

Mel Knight
Sacramento County
Environmental Management Dept.
8475 Jackson Road, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA  95826

Dear Ms. Nauman and Mr. Knight:

On March 30, 2000, the Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC) met and passed Resolution 00-01 and 00-02.

Resolution 00-01

The EAC requests a status report on a Legal Services Request regarding disposal of "metallic discards." The EAC also requests some final guidance for the handling of appliances, with a timeline for when such guidance might be available.

Resolution 00-02

The EAC recommends that Lisa Brown, Assistant General Counsel for Enforcement, CalEPA, be invited to give a talk at the 2000 LEA/CIWMB Conference. The EAC suggests that the talk be on CalEPA structure, coordinated enforcement between EPA agencies, and the CalEPA Inspector Certification Program.

We appreciate your consideration and response to these resolutions. If you have any questions regarding these, or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact me at (530) 251-8183 or at my e-mail address


Original signed by

Ernest S. Genter, Chair
Enforcement Advisory Council

Cc. EAC Members
      Lew Hastings
      Sue Happersberger

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