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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—March 30, 2000

I. Start @ 9:45 a.m.

II. CEQA Training - Sue O'Leary needs assistance. Handout #1 given.

III. Minutes - approved from 1/27/00 meeting.

IV. Resolutions Update

  1. 98-07 (AB 847) - CIWMB is working on AB 847 revisions.
    Resolution 00-1 was passed. This resolution is requesting that the CIWMB/CCDEH provide a status report on legal services & final guidance (w/timeline) for handling appliances governed by AB 847.
  2. 99-02 (Draft Construction & Demolition Regulations) - These draft regulations are on hold while CIWMB staff complete their study.
  3. 99-03 (Organics Regulations) - The 2nd draft version of the Organics regulations are scheduled to be sent out May. If all goes according to plan, they should be on the October agenda then on to OAL. The CIWMB plans to have a couple workshops in July. Bill Prince is the Southern EAC contact for comments and Charlie Bird is Northern contact. A workgroup list has been completed (handout # 2).
  4. 99-04 (Enforcement Regulations) - Suzanne Hambleton is the CIWMB's contact person and Mike Schmaeling is the EAC contact for comments. There was some discussion on the status of AB59 revisions. The CIWMB stated that they are still ongoing.
  5. 99-08 (CEQA Resolution) - Status is ongoing. A threshold of significance document is being generated by CIWMB. It will probably be in the form of an LEA Advisory.
  6. 99-09 (10% & Source separated) - An Advisory is currently being drafted. It should be sent out for review in late May.
  7. 99-10 - (Board agenda scheduling) - Done. The CIWMB Chair will dictate the agenda schedule.

V. CIWMB Updates

  1. Permit Desk Manual (handout #3) - Specific details will be given out at the May Roundtables. Jon Whitehill is CIWMB contact. This project is scheduled to be completed by August 2001, however many sections will be available much sooner.
  2. Landfill Operations Certification Program - Don Dier is coordinating an effort between the CIWMB & SWANA to establish a statewide certification program.
  3. Organics - Item was discussed during the Resolutions Update (IV-C).
  4. Walking on Waste - The CIWMB staff is working with DOSH on improving cooperation between agencies.
  5. Organizational Chart - This will be posted on the CIWMB Web page in a few days.
  6. Metallic discards - This item was discussed during the Resolutions Update (IV-A).
  7. West Covina forwarded concern regarding gas monitoring on side slopes. It seems that an operator was reluctant to monitor his side slopes using the excuse that it was unsafe to have his employees walking on these slopes. It was the consensus of the EAC that the operator did not have a leg to stand on and that these probes should be monitored.

VI. Topics

  1. Conformance findings - There was some discussion on problems with "point-on-map" vs. "long description." Dennis & Greg's TAC will develop Conformance Finding Methodology Concept Paper.
  2. Burn dumps, authorities & 2136 problems with State agencies cooperation. (Department of Toxic Substances Control vs. CIWMB) - This issue will be examined at the San Diego conference. Resolution 00-02 was passed. This resolution will be two fold: 1) request a presentation on AB 1102 and 2) ask CalEPA to discuss interagency coordination at the LEA conference.
  3. This item was discussed during the Resolutions Update (IV-E).

I. Next meeting - June 22

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