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IBM Computer Recycling Program

International Business Machines Corp. will help you get rid of your old PCs for $29.99 each. The big computer maker has arranged with Envirocycle, Inc., a Hallstead, Pa., recycling firm that specializes in leaded CRT screens, to dismantle personal computers that have outlived their usefulness. If the computers still work, they may be forwarded to “Gifts In Kind International”.  Diane Benz from IBM spoke at the Hazardous Materials Management conference in Boston on this subject and their project in upstate New York.

Sony Take-Back Program

Sony Electronics Inc. has signed an agreement with the state of Minnesota and Waste Management Inc. establishing a five-year recycling program that will take back all Sony electronic products in the state. Sony Electronics, the Park Ridge, N.J.-based unit of the Japanese conglomerate, claimed that it was the first manufacturer in the U.S. to be part of such a recycling initiative. The company said the program would collect only discarded Sony products, but added that it was encouraging other manufacturers to join the program. Sony hopes to expand their take-back program with the plan to add five more states to their program next year.

New Electronics Recycling Exchange

New Electronics Recycling Exchange on-line from Southern Waste Information Exchange. The service is FREE!!! ElectronicXchange.Org is a non-profit clearinghouse and repository for businesses and government agencies looking for information regarding:

  • The availability of and demand for electronic scrap
  • Electronic equipment recycling and recovery
  • Recycled products
  • Current regulations/legislation
  • Alternative and emerging technologies
  • Trade journals and associations
  • Technical reports
  • Waste management services and products

Besides being FREE, this service allows you to "subscribe" if you are interested in certain items such as cathode ray tubes (CRT) for recycling. When someone posts a message saying they have CRTs you automatically get an email informing you of their availability. (no longer active)

Two New York Times Articles on E-waste

  • “All Used Up With Someplace to Go” - Heidi Schuessle – NY Times, Nov. 23, 2000.
  • “Where It Goes; Breaking Down All Those Computers: Glass Over Here, Plastic There” – Heidi Schuessle - NY Times, Nov. 23, 2000

Rhode Island Computer Recycling Success

“Computer Recycling Adds Up to Success in Rhode Island” – Edward Fitzpatrick, The Providence Journal, November 25, 2000.

U.C. Berkeley Symposium on R&D Needs in the Electronics Industry: Manufacturing and Green Issues

A symposium on “R & D Needs in the Electronics Industry: Manufacturing and Green Issues” was held in Berkeley, CA on December 15, 2000. This symposium was intended to provide an opportunity for University of California faculty and researchers to become more aware of the driving issues, concerns and opportunities in the electronics and semiconductor industry and environmentally conscious manufacturing. See the website for all the details on the program.

“Materials for the Future Foundation” Publication on E-waste

“Materials for the Future Foundation” plans to hold a workshop in January on Design for the Environment principals. Watch their web site for more details.

Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition Web Site

Seattle Environmentally Preferable Computer Purchasing Project Guide

USEPA Electronic Reuse and Recycling Directory

International Association of Electronics Recyclers, Inc. (IAER)

Vermont E-waste Recycling Program (Retroworks)

Florida E-waste Recycling Program

National Product Stewardship Forum

Product Stewardship Forum--The National Product Stewardship Forum represents the first time State and local government officials from across the country met to discuss strategies for negotiating with industry on the increasing complexity of waste management and significant costs associated with this. The forum met in December 2000, in Boston, Massachusetts.  Emphasis was on managing the disposal of paint, electronics, tires, pesticides, mercury-containing products, and carpet.

American Plastics Council Electronics Report

Plastics from residential electronics recycling.

Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship Sites

National Electronics Stewardship Workshop -- February 26-28, 2001

Federal government's role in helping to promote electronic product stewardship.

Ends Environmental Daily

Environmental policy and business intelligence in Europe.

Extended Producer Responsibility: A Materials Policy for the 21st Century Book

Inform's publication, Extended Producer Responsibility: A Materials Policy for the 21st Century - includes a key section in which Bette Fishbein discusses the environmental impacts and implications of E-commerce. Copies of the book are available for free. 

North East Recycling Council (NERC) Recycling Economic Information Study

Discusses the role of product stewardship and electronics industry.

The Electronic Industries Alliance is putting together a web-based information resource for consumers who want to know about reuse and recycling opportunities for used electronics.

Request for Proposals for Product Stewardship, Recycling Market Development and Solid Waste Grants for FY 2001

Electronic Equipment Round-up for City of Lakewood and Circuit City
Saturday, February 10, 2001, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Call Lakewood City Hall at (562) 866-9771 x2500 for more information. Circuit City and the City of Lakewood sponsor this event.

Ventura County Electronic Recycling Efforts.

Regional Electronics Recycling Subcommittee’s Report and Oxnard’s Request to Use CIWMP Fees to Fund Countywide Use of Del Norte Facility for Regional Electronics Recycling Program. For questions regarding the Regional Electronics Recycling Subcommittee’s Update Report, or to discuss this matter further, please contact Marialyce Pedersen.

Resolutions September 28, 2000 Enforcement Advisory Council

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