California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—September 25, 2000

Chair: Ernie Genter

Special Guests: 

Heidi Sanborn-Aid to CIWMB Chair
Michael Paparian, Board Member

I. Minutes of June 22, 2000 approved.

II. Resolution 98-07-Appliance Recycling & Hazardous Components

No action on EACs legal request to CIWMB counsel regarding removal of hazardous components from household appliances. Issue of e-waste (old, non-usable computer equipment) was raised and to be included in re-draft of this resolution. E-waste is becoming a nation-wide issue. Illegal disposal of appliances is still a problem. New resolution #00-05 to request formation of Task Force to address this issue and include e-waste approved by EAC.

III. Resolution 99-02-Construction & Demolition (C&D) regulations

No change. C&D regulations still on hold due to study of mine reclamation issues. Deferred until next year.

IV. Resolution 99-04 Enforcement Regulations

LEA showed solidarity on original draft language that inspection violations are not appealable. Lisa Brown of CalEPA supports this position. Advisory 38 to be re-drafted to include that a local hearing process to be utilized in violation disputes. Concerns were raised about Advisory 38 becoming an 'underground' regulation Summary of changes are to be discussed at the Eureka Board Meeting. Board staff supportive of LEA's position. CCDEH-SWPC did not show strong support for LEA concerns with Enforcement Regulation Package.

V. 99-08 CEQA Resolution

Issues raised at Granlibakken not yet resolved. Only consensus reached was that early consultation with lead agency, proponents, and responsible agencies is strongly recommended. New staff have been added to CEQA section. 

VI. 99-09 10% and Source Separated Transfer of putrescible wastes would require a permit according to recent CIWMB decision. Issue paper to be developed to further clarify this issue with input from legal, markets, LEAs, P&E. Resolution 00-06 was passed to have Dennis Ferrier, San Jose LEA and Sue Markie, CIWMB staff participate on development of issue paper.

VII. Cease and Desist, PRC 44002

Is the current language effective? No response from CIWMB regarding June 22, 2000, letter on this issue.

VIII. Various Topics

  • Profiles on CIWMB website 
  • Letter from Linda Moulton-Patterson
  • Roles of and relationships between EAC, CCDEH, Roundtables, and TACs were discussed.

IX. Report on LEA/CIWMB Conference

Paperless format. Personal growth speaker were plusses. New supervisor will be in charge of training

X. Multi-chamber Gas Monitoring Probes

A consultant is trying to drum-up business by claiming cross contamination is occurring between multi-depth probes due to cracked bentonite.

XI. 2000/2001 Training

  • LEA survey on training needs to be distributed
  • Illegal Dumping
    Statewide Enforcement vs. Local 
    Enforcement tools
    Use of PRC in enforcement
    Long term violations (Inventory)
  • Safety Training
  • Permitting Workshops
    Permit Enforcement
    Complete and Correct Packages
    Conformance Findings

XII. CalEPA Inspector Certification Program

Training new employees the 'CalEPA way'. First set of classes to train trainers. Initially voluntary

XIII. New EAC Officers

Chair: Mike Schmaeling
Co-Vice Chair: George Nakamura-Contra-Costa County
Co-Vice Chair: Greg Pirie-Napa County

XIV. Next Meeting: December 5, 2000. Location: To be Announced

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