California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council

May 1 Meeting Minutes

I. Introductions

II. Agenda Review

III. March 6, 2001 EAC Minutes Approved.

IV. Resolution Updates

A. 98-07, 00-01 & 00-05: White-metal goods and E-waste. Discussed in topics.

B. 99-02: Construction & Demolition Regulation Status. Regulations package not started yet. Waiting for project manager.

C. 99-08: CEQA. Discussed letter from Ernie and Hank on CEQA. Mike recommends letter as a means of mediation. This may be more involved than initially thought. Julie Nauman can’t commit to the request, but could start with including more stakeholders and bring all the facts to the table.

D. 99-09 & 00-06: Two-part Test. Discussed two-part test. Concern regarding several types of % residuals to now regulate with the putrescible and Organics regulations. Unclear on specific concerns at this meeting.

V. CIWMB Updates

A. Report on training activities: Mindy Fox discussed the upcoming training which includes Alternative Final Cover for landfills, BMPs for Compost and Granlibakken.

B. Operator Certification: Sue Markie discussed the Operator Cert. Program. There are openings in the upcoming trainings. They will be held in Sacramento during the weeks of June 11 and June 16, 2001.

C. CAL-EPA Inspector Certification: Discussion focused on concerns that two weeks is way too long.

D. Status on DOSH referral training: Discussed, but no action taken.

E. CIA Enforcement Guidance Manual: Sue Markie is working on the Guidance Manual. Will have the manual to review at Granlibakken.

F. Impacts of Mad Cow Outbreak: Bob Holmes discussed the Mad Cow issue including the health concerns, disposal, burn methods, and involvement of CDFA & USDA.

G. Landfill/Waste Profile Update: Darryl Petker presented this item. This is a very involved project including different sections at CIWMB. This is for active and permitted sites. LEAs expressed the concern that they want to see information and confirm its accuracy before “publishing”. This could be difficult from Darryl’s position due to the fact that he is using other section lists and data bases but not recreating them.

VI. Regulation status

A. Emergency Transfer Station Regulations: Board will have a delayed effective date. Will start formal inclusion into the Transfer Processing Regulations. Comments from EAC include difficulty to enforce with the current language.

B. Decertification Regulations: Question to Mark on how Board/staff can get the information to the LEAS in terms of training and review of the regulations. Patty Henshaw to have presentation at Granlibakken.

C. Organics: Jeff Watson discussed the status of the Organics Regulations. He is seeking more input from Board and stakeholders. Regulation package could possibly be presented again at the June Board meeting. Last delay at Board meeting because industry wanted more time to review. Still many questions to be answered.

D. PEP, Long-term Violations, & Inventory: Mark DeBie discussed the regulations. Senator Roberti’s comments are still in discussion phase. This item will be heard at the June Board meeting.

VII. Topics

A. E–waste: Continued discussions and concerns regarding not only market information, but dealing with the DTSC hazardous waste determination and what the regulator is supposed to do. Board Member Paparian’s office still taking lead on the issue. DTSC is writing emergency regulations to deal with CRT’s. Regulation contact at DTSC is Peggy Harris at (916) 324-8286.

B. Universal Waste Rule: Leonard discussed the latest and the many issues related to universal waste and solid waste facilities. He will have more info to present at Granlibakken.

C. Advisory 56 & burn dumps: Mike Wochnick is working on the project of updating information with burn dumps and LEA Advisory 56. Including lead roles in regulator responsibility (LEA, CIWMB, RWQCB, DTSC), postclosure maintenance.

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