California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council

January 24 Meeting Minutes

I. Approval of November 6, 2001 EAC minutes.

II. Resolutions

White Metal Goods: Resolution is still open, need reply. Most of the e-waste issues go through Board Member Paparian's office. Senate sub-committee to meet February 5th on the issue. Could roll this issue into the universal waste issue. Offer EAC assistance on identifying the issue(s).

III. CIWMB Updates

A. Report on Training Activities: Training on the CIWMB web site. Upcoming Waste Classification class given by RWQCB. LEA/CIWMB Conference will be held August 26-28, 2002 at Squaw Creek Resort. Need a network coordinator. There will be a Manager of Landfill Operations class in Bakersfield. Landfill gas training in Spring.

B. Permit Toolbox: Jon Whitehill discussed the Toolbox Committee. Committee will be called tMac. Approved tMac Charter. Committee will keep the Toolbox up to date with periodic review of the website and guidance on prioritizing changes.

C. Advisory 48, Alternative Daily Cover (ADC): Board said to come back in February with direction from workshops to see issues of diversion, residual waste, and other benefits of using different ADC's.

D. Civil Penalties: Draft bill is written and concept passed by CalEPA. Looking for a sponsor for the bill.

E. Regulation Status

  • Compostable Materials: Forty-five day comment period possibly starting mid-February. Bill Prinz to organize comments for compostable and putrescible regulations.
  • Construction and Demolition Regulations: Approved by the Board to go to 45-day comment period. Very controversial. Forty-five day comment period to start in a few months. Sue Markie is the EAC contact for consolidation of comments.
  • Permit Enforcement Policy: Forty-five day comment period to begin in March. Ernie Genter to consolidate comments. Five to 10 day LEA time increased for issuing Stipulated Notice and Order. Board still wants oral report given by staff. Board still wants to know about permit before it comes to the Board for approval.
  • Closure Regulations: Estimated 45-day comment period to start in June. Large discussion on permits to be required at closed sites. Full or Registration permit will be required. Inspections still quarterly. Supposedly gives LEA additional leverage of enforcement. As soon as a site has decided to close, the closure permit must be done with in 55 days. Issue of trickling landfills was discussed, along with what triggers a site to be a trickling landfill. Margaret Blood is the EAC contact for the consolidation of comments.
  • Proposed Inventory Regulation List: Forty-five day comment period to start in March. Fifteen days to write compliance order from date of writing the second violation. Issue of needing at least 30 days to write the Order. Submit comments to George Nakamura.
  • Decertification Regulations: Language taken out of Public Resources Code. No disputes at this time. No 45-day comment period. They were adopted.

F. Permit Application Submission Schedule (PASS): Permit applications arrive at different times to CIWMB. Board staff find it difficult to organize and have sufficient time to prepare agenda's for the Board meetings. The PASS program is a pilot program lead by Board legal office and implemented by Board staff. A strict permit application submittal date will be set for every month. LEAs should attempt to allow staff a full 60 days to prepare agenda's. Contact person will be Board staff supervisors (Georgianne Turner, Mary Coyle). LEAs and operators must work together. Just do the best you can at organizing submittal dates to Board staff.

G. Hazardous and Universal Waste: Janet Munger to receive copy of our letter.

IV. Topics

Pilot Programs: Could be different for a given site or jurisdiction. Depends on who, what, where, how etc. One person may have to do more or less than another. The same site in different locations could have different standards. At minimum, the process should be started by revising the Report of Facility Information. From there a determination can be made regarding the significance of the change and if environmental review, etc is required.

Trickle Landfills: (Ernie Genter) Consideration in rural counties. Could be justifiable. Make or justify trickling for anything other than to avoid paying for closure. Recommendation for EAC to speak at Board meeting or wait for 45 day comment period. Important issue to address in closure regulations.

Burn Dumps: (Bill Prinz) Attempted to get 2136 money. Finally received funds, but the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is the lead. No documentation from DTSC. Need process for identifying the lead agency.

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