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Enforcement Advisory Council

November 14 Meeting Minutes

I. Introductions

See attached Participant Roster. A quorum was present, with one member absent.

II. Agenda Review

III. Approval of September 10, 2002 EAC Minutes

Name correction for Patti Henshaw. Minutes approved with corrections. Rachel Morton to post corrected minutes on CIWMB website.

IV. Topics

A. EAC Policy & Procedures

Copy of EAC Structures & Procedures was handed out to members. Discussion included:

  • Comments on the inconsistency of “council vs. committee” language within EAC documents, website, etc.--need to clarify.
  • Adding an attachment of a map of California outlining all of the RT regions.
  • Adding additional role duties under “Officer Responsibility", number 4 such as “Representatives may be selected to track issues and/or to represent the EAC at Board Meetings, workshops or other venues”.
  • Address meeting language to make meeting times more flexible. Change current language to say Council "will meet approximately” six times a year instead of “will meet”. Times can be flexible, from 9-10 a.m. at the discretion of the Chair, to allow for Southern California members' travel time.
  • Meeting Privacy--CIWMB legal office determined that the EAC does fit the general standards of the Bagley-Keene Act. CIWMB attorney Elliot Block addressed the group and gave out a handout on the Bagley-Keene Act and the EAC.
  • Minutes--Change current language such as: Activities of the meeting May be audio recorded and/or handwritten by EAC and/or CIWMB personnel. The EAC Chair is responsible for designating an assigned note taker.

Greg requested any additional comments and or suggestions be sent to him so that this current review may be finalized.

B. Election of Vice Chairs

A vote was taken to choose two of the following EAC members for vice-chair:  Dennis Ferrier, Bill Prinz, Ernie Genter and Patti Henshaw. Patti Henshaw and Ernie Genter were selected as co-chairs. Motion Approved. Resolutions needed for both Chair & Co-chair appointments.

C. Burn Dump Workgroup

The contact for this issue, Dennis Ferrier, was absent. Bill Prinz gave an update on the recent Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)/CIWMB meeting including a draft flowchart identifying DTSC/CIWMB roles. The next meeting is planned for December 4, 2002.  Follow-up at the next EAC meeting.

D. Partnership & LEA survey discussion and possible recommendation (resolution)

Ernie gave a detailed update of survey results including several handouts. The majority of the LEA comments were fairly positive regarding working relationships with CIWMB Branches/staff. Results from the survey identified on “The Priority Issues” handout indicated that regulations development, Permitting/CEQA, communications, and enforcement are top issues.

Ernie will work with Bill Prinz to develop "problem statements" for the regulations development issues. Greg Pirie will develop "problem statements" for the permitting issues. Patti Henshaw will develop "problem statements" for the enforcement/violations/inspections issues. The communications issues with different entities will be worked on separately with those entities (or representatives) and may be part of the other issues.

E. Roundtable Representative Reports or Issues
  • Patti Henshaw discussed ways to simplify the Enforcement Program Plan (EPP) process and requirements. Procedural manuals for most jurisdictions are outdated. Possibility of these portions reflected as a web-based item i.e.: point to permit toolbox, etc. Gabe Aboushanab said he would be open to this idea. Possible EAC direction to the Permitting and Enforcement (P&E) Division Deputy Director on the possibility of an EPP Toolbox that would include samples of required EPP documents. EAC passed a resolution to request the CIWMB explore the ability to design an EPP Toolbox.
  • Margaret Blood discussed issues from her round table (RT) regarding enforcement actions. Sacramento County has had problems with the appeal process. She requests guidance from the CIWMB.
  • Early CEQA consultation issues were discussed. Mark DeBie assured EAC members that he encourages and supports early consultations. He would like to know if CIWMB staff are telling LEAs differently. Additionally, Mark discussed CEQA discrepancies. If there is a difference of opinion between the CIWMB and the lead agency, the CIWMB may choose to do additional review. 
F. Permit Toolbox Update

Jon Whitehill reported on the Permit Tool Box updates and developments, such as the new search engine link for the Tool Box and LEA Central, the alphabetical index, a "What’s New" link, several more draft "model" Report of Disposal Site Information (RDSI) chapters, guidance page for Report of Facility Information (RFI) amendments (working on--in internal review), working on closure plan page, and need for Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (tMAC) team members. These include (and were formalized by an EAC Resolution):

  • Lisa Sloan, Santa Barbara County, tMAC
  • Matt Fore, San Benito County, tMAC and RDSI Guidance
  • Stan Chau, Santa Clara County, RDSI Guidance
  • Sam Abu-Shaban, Orange County, RDSI Guidance
  • Franck Girardi, Butte County, tMAC and RDSI Guidance
  • Roel Meregillano, Alameda County, tMAC
  • Ted Tasiopoulos, San Joaquin County, tMAC
  • Jeff Hackett, CIWMB, tMAC and/or RDSI Guidance
  • Steve Moise, Riverside County, RDSI Review
G. Green Materials and Odors from Transfer Stations

Discussion on the involvement of the appropriate Air District. LEAs can note a nuisance concern but odor violations fall back to the Air Districts.

H. Training on New Regulations (Compostables, C&D, etc.)

Mary Madison-Johnson spoke on the enforcement regulations. Patti Henshaw brought up the point that a change is needed to address the requirement that LEAs notice an emergency waiver in the local newspaper. Requested a resolution addressing this issue. EAC members approved a resolution to the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) and the P&E Division Deputy Director that the appropriateness of public notice be further evaluated.  Resolution #02-04.

Bob Holmes requested EAC/LEA contacts for on-going regulation packages.

  • Tire Monofills--Margaret Blood will be contacting the Calaveras Co. LEA
  • C&D/Inert Phase I, Transfer/Processing Phase I-–Greg Pirie and Phase II--Ernie Genter
  • Waiver of Permit Terms and Conditions During Temporary Emergencies (a.k.a., P.E.P.)--Patti Henshaw
  • Inventory of Solid Waste Facilities Which Violate State Minimum Standards--no one identified yet


  • Alternative Daily Cover--Bill Prinz
  • Application for Solid Waste Facility Permit/Waste Discharge Requirements (Form E-1-77)--Sue Markie
  • Landfill Closure Loan Program--Sue Markie
  • Research, Development, and Demonstration (Bioreactor)--Patti Henshaw may have an engineer on her staff interested in this package.

V. Public Comment Period

No public attendance or comments.

Next meeting: January 23, 2003 (later changed to January 30, 2003)

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