California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council

November 14 Resolutions

November 27, 2002

Scott Walker
Acting Deputy Director, P&E Division
California Integrated Waste Management Board
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA  95812-4025

Dan Avera
County of San Bernardino
Environmental Health Division 
385 No. Arrowhead Avenue
San Bernardino, CA  92415-0160

Subject: Resolution 2002-03, 2002-04, 2002-05 and 2002-06

Dear Mr. Walker and Mr. Avera:

On November 14th, 2002, the Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC) met and passed Resolution 2002-03, 2002-04, 2002-05, and 2002-06. It was a pleasure to identify new EAC members that can lead the Council for the next few years and also work with you in furthering the effort in the our solid waste partnership.

EAC Resolution 2002-03

The EAC adopted resolutions 2002-03 voting in the new EAC Chair and Co-Vice Chairs for the next 2-years. The new members are Greg Pirie, Chair (Napa County); Patti Henshaw, Co-Vice Chair (Orange County LEA); and Ernie Genter, Co-Vice Chair (Counties of Lassen, Modoc, Sierra, and Plumus).

EAC Resolution 2002-04

The EAC and the P&E Division have been working together in making the Permit Toolbox an effective tool for online, web-based permitting references through a joint maintenance committee of LEA and Waste Board Staff and Management. The Permit Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (tMAC) through the EAC, has identified new members and support for RDSI document guidance reviews. The new members include, but are not limited to the following and any may be added or deleted as tasks are assigned or completed:

Lisa Sloan, Santa Barbara County, tMAC
Matt Fore, San Benito County, tMAC and RDSI Guidance
Stan Chau, Santa Clara County, RDSI Guidance
Sam Abu-Shaban, Orange County, RDSI Guidance
Franck Girardi, Butte County, tMAC and RDSI Guidance
Roel Meregillano, Alameda, tMAC
Ted Tasiopoulos, San Joaquin County, tMAC
Jeff Hackett, CIWMB, tMAC and/or RDSI Guidance
Steve Moise, Riverside County, tMAC and/or RDSI Guidance

EAC Resolution 2002-05

Resolution 2002-05 requests CIWMB to explore the ability to design an Enforcement Program Plan (EPP) Toolbox. This would be similar to the Permit Toolbox, web-based, and specific to guidance and procedures for completing a new or updating each jurisdictions EPP. This could be completed in partnership with the EAC. Please reply to the EAC if this would be a viable tool to create. 

EAC Resolution 2002-06

The EAC discussed a few sections of the proposed Waiver of Permit Terms and Conditions During Temporary Emergencies Regulations. The discussion led to Resolution 2002-06, identifying sections we recommend be changed or deleted, as stated below. Highlighting in yellow indicates suggested language added.

Title 14, Section 17211.7 (e).  Reporting Requirements for an Enforcement Agency

(e) The EA may provide an oral or written report to the Board if requested, during the next or subsequent scheduled meeting after an extension of a stipulated agreement.

This would indicate that it is not mandatory that the LEA be present with short notice to a P & E Committee or Board Meeting. It may be difficult for many jurisdictions to travel on short notice. This also allows flexibility, in a case where the agreement and conditions are straight forward, non-controversial, and appropriate conditioned by any certified LEA, that the LEA would not be needed or required to address the Board. This would also allow a written or oral report to be completed for each site-specific facility.

(f). (Request for 24-hour notice in daily newspaper and Board’s web page should be deleted.)

The EAC requests this section be deleted as to not set a precedence or request for review of all public notices. This should be discussed and reviewed with further LEA input before being placed in regulation. 

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the items of interest stated at our meeting. If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please contact me at (707) 253-4144.


original signed by:

Greg Pirie, Chair
Enforcement Advisory Council

cc: EAC Members

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