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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—September 10, 2002

I. Introductions

See attached participant roster.

II. Minutes

Name correction for Manasjan and misspelling for Clopyralid. Minutes approved with corrections. Rachel to post corrected minutes on CIWMB website.

III. Discussion Topics

A. Burn Dumps--Resolution 2002

Dennis Ferrier contacted Stuart Black of the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and as of this date no meeting has been scheduled. Paul Manasjan attended a California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) meeting with Mel Knight. DTSC has a $400,000 grant from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). AB709 should be monitored, as DTSC may be able to obtain solid waste money. Scott Walker requested more involvement in the technical advisory groups. DTSC is responsible for bringing together the workshop committees and Stuart Black is the contact person. He will be invited to the Round Table meetings. Donna Heran will transmit a message to the Solid Waste Policy Committee (SWPC) that communication needs improvement. Dennis Ferrier will be the EAC contact person. Office of Environmental Health and Hazards Assessment (OEHHA) participation will also be encouraged. Dennis Ferrier will draft a letter to Stuart Black by the end of September.

B. Hazardous and Universal Waste

Workgroups with DTSC are continuing. There is a three-year period to resolve the universal waste issue. The cathode ray tube (CRT) issue is still being discussed with Leonard Grossberg as the EAC point person. Staff is monitoring legislation on E-waste. Educational guidance material is being developed and several programs are targeting voluntary take backs by industry and advanced disposal fees.

C. Composting and the Clopyralid Concern

AB 2356 directs Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to make findings and require more testing. There are no problems in California although the Cities of San Diego and Los Angeles have had positive tests. Clopyralid has been available only for commercial use since March 2002.

D. Construction and Demolition Regulations

Construction and demolition (C&D) regulations are in committee. Phase II regulations are at Cal-EPA. Ernie Genter is the EAC phase II comment coordinator and all comments need to forwarded to him as soon as possible. Meetings will be held soon at various locations statewide.

E. 2002 LEA/CIWMB Conference Feedback

Mindy Fox reported very positive feedback on the LEA Conference. The next conference will be in Anaheim. The format and assortment of speakers and topics were discussed and how future conferences can improve.

F. Finding of Conformance

A draft guidance document dated 9/9/02 was distributed and discussed by Elliott Block. Example scenarios were discussed of the application of the Board’s August 2002 decision related to conformance findings. The LEA newsletter will publish all comments.

G. Future of the Partnership Agreement

Sharon Anderson discussed the future of Partnership 2000. A discussion ensued regarding concerns that the EAC was ignored in the partnership process. Survey information will be coordinated with the EAC. Mark DeBie made assurances that the EAC will be taking a more active role in addressing future issues. Mike Schmaeling will be prioritizing specific goals and objectives with Dan Avera and the CCDEH SWPC along with input from CIWMB staff.

H. Election of New Officers

Greg Pirie was elected as Chair. The Vice Chair position will be determined at the November meeting. Bill Prinz, Dennis Ferrier, Patti Henshaw and Ernie Genter are the potential candidates.

IV. Proposed Regulations and Legislation

A. Proposed Legislation Status

Bob Holmes presented a summary of the following legislation: SB 1970, AB 467, SB 649, AB 709, AB 2214, AB 2308, SB 1328, SB 1393, SB 1523, SB 1526, SB 1542, SB 1587. SB 1619, and SB 1623. A summary handout is available for details.

B. Proposed Regulation Status

Bob Holmes presented updates and summaries on the status of the following proposed regulations: tires, C&D, LEA grants, alternative daily cover (ADC), permitting and enforcement (P&E) policy, closure, organics, putrescibles, compostable materials, and long term gas violations.

V. CIWMB Updaters

A. Report on Training Activities

Mindy reported on training activities related to ADC, CRT’s, illegal dumping on tribal lands, 8-hour refresher, and regulation packets. The website will have updates on times and places for all training.

B. Permit Toolbox: Board and LEA Maintenance

Jon Whitehill presented and discussed a permit toolbox maintenance plan dated September 2002. Questions and feedback can be referred to Jon.

Next meeting-November14, 2002 CalEPA Building

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