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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Permitting Issue Statement from Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—January 30, 2003

The second highest priority general subject identified in the LEA Solid Waste Program Issues Survey was permitting. The outline consolidates the concerns that LEAs raised about the current permitting process.

The issues and statements below reflect the concerns of the LEAs responding to the Survey.

  1. The most prevalent topic of concern is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process as it relates to permitting. Specific concerns stated are as follows:
    1. CIWMB’s application of the CEQA process, beyond the role, scope and responsibilities.
    2. CIWMB comments be limited to the comment period only.
    3. CEQA is suppose to be a local and site specific process.
    4. Overruling local process.
  2. The permitting process also included other aspects that need improvement.
    1. Communication and coordination between LEAs and CIWMB in the process.
    2. Guidance from CIWMB in the process.
    3. Over-ride and attempt to add information although stated in the permit package (Report of Facility Information).
    4. Recommend reviewing specific LEA comments for Permitting issues.

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