California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Resolution: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—January 30, 2003

February 6, 2003

Scott Walker
Acting Deputy Director, P&E Division
California Integrated Waste Management Board
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95812-4025

Dear Mr. Walker:

The Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC) met on January 30th, 2003 and passed Resolution 2003-01.  Resolution 2003-01 made several minor changes to the EAC Policy and Procedures. The EAC will continue its purpose to advise and assist the CIWMB, CA Conference of Director’s of Environmental Health and/or Local Enforcement Agencies on matters relating to all aspects of the LEA program if requested or in the opinion of the EAC, advice to the agencies above is warranted and appropriate.  The EAC looks forward to working with you on future solid waste issues.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please contact me at 707-253-4144.


original signed by:

Greg Pirie, Chair
Enforcement Advisory Council

Attachments: Revised EAC Policy and Procedures

cc: EAC Members
      Dan Avera, Chair, CCDEH-SWPC
      Linda Moulton-Patterson, Chair, CIWMB
      Michael Paparian, Chair, CIWMB Permitting and Enforcement Committee
      Jose Medina, Member, CIWMB
      Carl Washington, Member, CIWMB
      Cheryl Peace, Member, CIWMB
      Steve Jones, Member, CIWMB

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