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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Resolution 2003-03: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—March 11, 2003

Whereas, Paul Manasjan first worked with the Los Angeles County Housing Task Force-Court Liaison program in the early 1990’s before moving on to the Solid Waste Program, and became the composting guru of Southern California, and he left his indelible imprint on Los Angeles as a motivated, if not often opinionated employee; and

Whereas, Paul Manasjan began his illustrious Local Enforcement Agency career with the City of Vernon in January of 1995, working first as an environmental health specialist, and then as a solid waste program specialist; and

Whereas, Paul served as the City of Vernon Garment Manufacturing inspector, also as dog catcher/chaser, and Director of Garbology, out of toilet paper code enforcer, and petitioned to observe Armenian New Year’s as an annual City holiday; and

Whereas, Paul was instrumental (he does play many instruments) in certifying the City of Vernon as an LEA, and siting and permitting the first solid waste facility within the City of Vernon, and championing the first of many conflicts with management/CIWMB/TASK FORCE/(add your own) when the Finding of Conformance became an issue, and lets not forget the vocal stand to support the City of West Covina from de-certification; and

Whereas, Paul could always be found talking in hushed tones on the telephone, and helping lame customers at the counter, and little did he know that his many sojourns to Baja would eventually lead him to employment near Tijuana; and

Whereas, his strong work ethic and dedication to task contributed greatly to the continuous training and professionalism of the Solid Waste Staff; and

Whereas, Paul continued his LEA endeavors starting the well respected City of San Diego LEA program in 1998; and

Whereas, The discovery of a radioactive source (AKA Godzilla) in a City Heights burn ash site did not dim Paul’s glowing personality nor thwart him from embarking on the crusade against the infidels and barbarians seeking to invade the sacred realm of Advisory 56; and

Whereas, Paul (arguably) maintained his sanity despite suffering through absurdities such as “C and D like-wastes”, “bump on the dot on the map”, “significant change”, “CEQA Consistency” and other hobgoblins of toxic logic thrust upon him by well meaning do-gooders; and

Whereas, Paul’s thinking outside of the box lead him to seek the possibilities of borderless environmental solutions in the Tijuana River Valley; and

Whereas, his personal integrity and professional manner have been appreciated through the years by his colleagues and the public; and

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that on the occasion of his retirement, the EAC and all of the LEA roundtables wish to express their appreciation to Paul for his many years of effective and loyal service to the public; and

Be it further resolved, that the EAC and many friends with whom Paul has worked over the years wish to acknowledge and thank him for his dedicated service to the citizens of the State of California and parts of the Tijuana River Valley, and wish him happiness and contentment in his new position of Environmental Affairs Director for the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health.

Be it even further resolved, that his LEA and Environmental Health duties do not end, but that a CIA burn-site will eventually be discovered under runway # 2, thus allowing many trips to Sacramento and an excuse to present a case study at the annual LEA/CIWMB Conference.  (Paul, would you like to comment on the new language to the new Part 17 Test?)

Attest: March  11, 2003

Greg Pirie, Chair
Enforcement Advisory Council

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