California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: November 17, 2004

I. Introductions

Matt Fore, South Central Roundtable
Ernie Genter, Northern Roundtable
Dave Altman, North Central Roundtable
Donna Heran, CCDEH
Sharon Anderson,CIWMB
Gabe Aboushanab,CIWMB
Patti Henshaw, Southern Roundtable
Leonard Grossberg, South Western Roundtable
Bill Prinz, Southern Cities Roundtable
Dennis Ferrier, Northern Cities Roundtable
George Nakamura, CCLHO
Greg Pirie, Bay Area Roundtable
Mindy Fox, CIWMB
Howard Levenson, CIWMB
Bob Holmes, CIWMB
Dennis Corcoran, CIWMB
Joe Mello, SWRCB
Sue Markie, CIWMB
Bobbie Garcia, CIWMB
Brenda Smyth, CIWMB

Special Note: Governor Schwarzenegger is tentatively scheduled in the Cal-EPA building lobby around 12:15 PM to express his gratitude to CalEPA employees.

II. Agenda Review

Late additions:  Ralph Hunter Award Forms

III. Approval of Previous Minutes

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the August 19, 2004 EAC meeting. (Altman/Genter) Approved unanimously.

IV. EAC Resolution Status and Updates

  • 2003-02: “Partnership Issue Statement” Discussion of on going issues. Agreed to keep resolution open/on agenda even though it has accomplished its goals, yet feel “in the process” action is needed to keep current.
  • 2003-05: “Odor & Health Effects”/C-COR Limited resources hindering current studies. Will continue to maintain links and updates by Board staff.
  • 2004-01: “Permit ToolBox” Identified priorities and completed. (OK to remove)
  • 2004-02: “Elected Officers”: Resolution by outgoing Chair on new incoming officers. Resolution will be posted and circulated.

V. EAC Issues for Discussion

Landfill Manager and Inspector Training Certification

Public workshop tentatively scheduled for November 29, 2004-G. Nakamura and D. Ferrier will attend and continue expressing views agreed upon requiring mandatory training. Statements by EAC and individual roundtable members should be submitted prior to 11-29-04 if possible.

H. Levenson: Recap on what other training is available on agenda. The regulation package is in limbo.

D. Ferrier: Surveyed other states and found some (Washington & Georgia) use SWANA solely because it’s cheaper. Others use TREEO (Florida), which has developed a framework with Univ. of Florida for regulatory training that is required or offered. A central committee reviews all coarse outlines, and allows areas of concern to be addressed (i.e.: spotter training).

B. Prinz: LEA’s do support “Training”, but acknowledge that an excellent certification is in place through the individual LEA’s EPP’s.

D. Altman: There seems to be division between Northern/Southern LEA’s on whether individual versus agency certification is preferred. Maybe we should pattern like Vector Control does (each phase is certified, not the whole program).

…(Additional discussion later in the day)

Landfill Facility Compliance Study

Update by CIWMB/SWRCB (B. Garcia/J. Mello) on current status and issues. They requested that LEA’s, Air Boards, and Water Boards look into better coordination on issues regarding landfills (handout: “Review of Coordination Between Key Regulators at Solid Waste Landfills”) such as buying “buffer land” eliminates the odor problem, but does little for the groundwater issues. They will schedule presentations at the next roundtables.

P. Henshaw: Coordination between different organizations is very important, and Orange County attends quarterly meetings to discuss issues.

B. Prinz: Regional boundaries tend to be the same as political boundaries. His LEA exchanges inspection reports with water boards.

D. Ferrier: There should be integration of training with all agencies.

SWRCB: Is there a value in having each other’s reports/inspection forms, or does this just give a false sense of inspection security?

CIWMB: Time will be allowed for SWRCB training at the next LEA Conference in May, as well as including the training with SWANA classes.

D. Ferrier: There currently is no standard method of referrals to notify each agency.

CIWMB: Would this be a good time to open discussion to roundtables on problems that still needing attention?

P. Henshaw: Operators need to be involved in the process to participate and initiate meetings.

Continuation: Landfill Manager and Inspector Training Certification”

Agreed that collective comments can be worked out by resolution on issues that we support, oppose, and agree upon. Some issues still need further discussion. Tentative resolution * (2004-03) will include the following: (Board needs broader discussion on following points)

  1. No on the current regulations!
  2. No mandatory certification training!
  3. Training is adequately addressed through LEA certification, but should still be available.
  4. The LEA’s continue to strongly support the continuation of training in the current format.
  5. Support the addition of expanding training to address transfer stations, composting, C & D facilities, etc.
  6. Training needs to continue focusing on aspects of LEA/EA programs, and other agencies.
  7. Training needs to address state minimum standards.

* A resolution shall be drafted, reviewed, circulated and signed by the EAC for the November workshop, or soon thereafter.

Fires in Stored Piles

Preliminary gathering of information, tentative workshop scheduled for March 2005. Will discuss case studies of compost inspections.

Partnership Effort Review

Focus group has identified the hot topics generated for discussion. The issue paper puts all efforts into explanation of guidelines, goals and direction to continue ongoing efforts, discussions, and resolutions. Acknowledge that their continues to be a difference of opinion on what is the Board’s authority versus the LEA’s.

EAC - Board Member Contact

It is critical for the EAC to have a presence with the Board members. Operators and lobbyist control access to them just by being there all the time. Just as important, there is a consensus that CCDEH/directors need to be kept up-to-date on individual actions when representing the LEA or EAC (nobody likes surprises).

Resolution for Mike Schmaeling

Pending/L. Grossberg will circulate draft in December.

Ralph Hunter Award Forms

Documents reviewed, and minor corrections addressed. Greg to send final draft by electronic mail for approval by January/February, 2005.

VI. CIWMB Topics

Legislation/ Regulations

Bob Holmes discussed the following legislative/regulatory actions:

Conversion Technologies: Very little interest, since it is so similar to composting.

Long Term Gas Violations (Bioreactors- 2, in Yolo and Kings Counties; one proposed pilot project in San Diego) Starting to move into the formal process. Awaiting Orange Co. input. Comment period through mid December.

Regulatory Concepts: Will be divided into 3 separate packages through 2005-2006.

“Package A”- Mindy, staff, Bobby Garcia, and Greg to direct interest on focus group; including permit review, common outreach efforts, and notifications. Also working in group-Greg, Sue Markie, and Patti.

“Package B” - Will commence as Package A is in its final stages. Will focus on 3-strikes, LEA discretion, time waivers, Board processes, etc.

“Package C” - Will focus on Multiple Tiers, Board and LEA roles in CEQA, and illegal disposal.

AB 2633 – Grease Trap Bill; vetoed by Governor. Directed to Dept. of Food & Agriculture to look at current authority.

AB 2277 – Metallic Discards; changed the definitions of special handling. Still needs certification by DTSC.

AB 1353 – Treated Wood Waste; removes waivers to Public Utilities, encompasses all treated wood wastes, and allows disposal at class-II or class-III landfills.

AB 2159 – Clarifies language for hearing and appeals.

Comprehensive Compost Odor Response (C-COR)

Presentation by Brenda Smyth- Odor identification kits to be ready by early winter 2004 (they will need to be tested before being sent out). Still in the odor assessment phase and literature review. Will incorporate custom odor log into the data. Currently, the complaint and response process between Air Boards and locals varies drastically.

Training and LEA Conference

January/February- CEQA Training
Two day training scheduled in 6 venues: Day 1- Overview of CEQA
Day 2- LEA/Operator and Planners

February/March- State Minimum Standards “Mark DeBie Training”
Will focus on the top ten-landfill violations in the state.

March/April- Health & Safety Refresher Coarse.

May- LEA Conference: Draft agenda is going good with many hot topics. Possibly 3 field trips planned along with trade show. Social hours and at least one dinner planned. Passport tickets will be available 3 days before and 3 days after the conference at a reduced price!

June/August- Communication Coarse

California Performance Review

No new information at this time (still many technical problems with PRC, staffing issues, regulations, and laws.)

Cal-OSHA Complaints

Continue using the referral process when needed.

VII.  Public Comment Period


VIII. Meeting Adjourned

Next EAC Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for January 20, 2005.

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