California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting: January 20, 2005

Response to Resolution 2005-02

June 28, 2005

Mr. Bill Prinz
Chair, EAC
Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency
Development Services Department
1010 Second Ave Ste 600 MS 606L
San Diego, CA 92101-4998

Subject: EAC Approval of New Additions to the Permit Toolbox

Dear Mr. Prinz:

This letter is in response to Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC) Resolution 2005-02, dated June 6, 2005 which was passed at the January 20, 2005 EAC meeting.

The EAC resolution identifies new additions to the priority task list for maintenance of the indispensable “Permit Toolbox” which is located on the California Integrated Waste Management’s Board website.

As background, the Permit Toolbox was established in 2001 and has continued to be identified as a LEA and solid waste enforcement priority. The EAC voted to sponsor a subcommittee, the Toolbox Maintenance Assistance Committee (tMAC) to assist with the maintenance of the Permit Toolbox.

As specified in EAC Resolution 2005-02, the tMAC and Jon Whitehill developed the following new resources to be added to the Permit Toolbox.

  • A new page of resources and tools for exempt facilities, excluded operations, and activities not subject to regulations.
  • Additional links and resources to the new “Compostable Materials” webpage.
  • A new link to guidance on requesting SWIS Numbers for new facilities and operations from the LEA Tier/Task Table.
  • Further guidance on using the revised solid waste facilities application form E-1-77.
  • A new link to the “Public Hearing/Participation Tools” from the “Index” and “Full Permit webpage, (which was designed to provide resources for conducting AB 1497 hearings).

We also commend tMAC and Jon Whitehill for maintaining and enhancing the Permit Toolbox so that this helpful tool continues to benefit all involved in solid waste permitting issues. As previously stated, LEAs throughout the state have praised the Permit Toolbox as a one of the more essential tools provided to them. The EAC subcommittee, tMAC, plays a crucial role in maintaining the effectiveness of the “Permit Toolbox” and we look forward to its continued success.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at (916) 341-6311.


Original signed by

Howard Levenson, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Permitting and Enforcement Division

Attachment: EAC Resolution 2005-01

cc: Enforcement Advisory Council Members
      Ken Stuart, Chair, CCDEH Solid Waste Policy Committee
      Rosario Marin, Chair, CIWMB
      Rosalie Mulé, Member, CIWMB
      Cheryl Peace, Member, CIWMB
      Carl Washington, Member, CIWMB
      Julie Nauman, Chief Deputy Director, CIWMB

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