California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: May 11, 2005

Meeting called to order 8:03 a.m.

I. Introductions

Bill Prinz, Southern Cities Round Table
Leonard Grossberg, Southwestern Round Table
David Altman, North Central Round Table
Donna Heran, CCDEH
Matt Fore, South Central Round Table
Patti Henshaw, Southern Round Table
George Nakamura, CCLHO
Greg Pirie, Bay Area Round Table
Carolyn Hawkins, Northern Round Table
Trey Strickland, Northern Round Table
Mindy Fox, CIWMB
Mark De Bie, CIWMB
Rachel Morton, CIWMB
Bob Holmes, CIWMB
Jeff Hackett for Sue Markie, CIWMB
Gerri Stryker, CIWMB
Chris Deidrick, CIWMB
Sharon Anderson, CIWMB
Randy Styner, Orange County LEA
Dean Clarke, Orange County LEA
Steven Samaniego, City of West Covina LEA

Next EAC Meeting: Thursday July 14, 2005 in Sacramento

II. Agenda Review

Late additions:

  • New Application Form Use
  • Enforcement Inspections

III. Approval of Previous Minutes

Correction to the 3-8-05 Minutes: Page 1, Item II, Announcements – “Carolyn Hawkins…and will be attending….”

Minutes for the 3-8-05 meeting approved as corrected.

IV. EAC Resolutions: Status and Updates

  • 2005-01 - “Training and Certification of Landfill Managers and Inspectors”: Mindy and Sharon reported that this issue was raised at the last P&E meeting. The Board is concerned regarding costs and feels the Board’s role in certification and training needs to be better defined. Additional workshops most likely will be held in September. Industry is still out voicing LEA’s 5:1. Also, the possibility of “mandatory” training is still on the table.
  • 2005-02 - “Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (t-MAC)”: The resolution was previously tabled due to time constraints. This resolution adopts changes presented by Jon Whitehill. Resolution 2005-02 was approved without opposition. Copies of the resolution will be circulated via e-mail.

Bill will send passed resolutions to Howard with copies to Rachel and Sharon.

V. CIWMB Topics, Updates and Discussion

A. “Regulations/Legislation”

Bob Holmes reported that there are currently 3 regulation packages under consideration:

  • Bioreactors : Will go back to the Board in June.
  • Long-Term Gas Violations: To be considered in June. Then will clarify gas regulations for active sites.
  • Package A:– A status update will be presented to the Board in June. Formal rule making is anticipated to start in July or August 2005.

In addition, Bob outlined the following:

  • AB 1333: Addresses grease trap waste hauling. New legislation will charge Dept. of Food and Agriculture with oversight. The legislation will prohibit land application of grease.
  • AB 1017:Establishes illegal dumping program to be administered by the CIWMB.
  • SB 926: Allows the Kern County Board to regulate or ban the importation of bio-solids into Kern Co. The Counties involved will have to manage the bio-solids they generate.


Nothing new. Does not appear that any restructuring will occur this year.

Board appointments: Ms. Marin and Ms. Mule have been confirmed.

VI. EAC Issues for Discussion

A. “Proposed Regulations for Permit Implementation”

Mark recapped the six items being addressed by Pkg. A. Although input has been generally supportive, Industry has raised some concerns. As currently proceeding, it is apparent not all stakeholders will support the package. Therefore, workgroups will be reconvened to consider new approaches. The latest approach will be orally presented at the June 6th P&E Committee meeting. Mark feels it important to develop a solid approach during the informal stages before proceeding into formal rule making. A letter from SWANA has expressed support of the package. It is important to continue LEA involvement at workshops and with written comments. Workshops can be listened to on the website.

Matt noted that he would like to see mobile workshops/workshops traveling to different venues.

B. “Ralph Hunter Memorial Award”

As with previous nominations, some were very good and some left something to be desired. This year Tammy Derby, Sacramento County LEA, received the highest score. The EAC moved, seconded and approved making the award to Tammy. In addition to the presentation, the EAC will prepare a resolution formally recognizing Tammy as the winner.

C. “Long Term Gas Violations, Review of Existing LFG Regulations & AB 1220 Status”

Patti has prepared a resolution based on previously circulated information. It will be Resolution 2005-03 and was approved in concept by the EAC members. Copies of the previous letter and the resolution will be circulated via e-mail.

D. “Next Meeting – Future Issues”

Next EAC meeting will be held July 14, 2005 in Sacramento. Bill will invite the new Board members to this meeting.

Tentatively the EAC meeting to follow the July meeting will be September 13, 2005.

Let Rachel know if you have roundtable items. Currently CIWMB topics are as follows:

  • New permit application
  • Waste Tire Program and proposal to have their own roundtables.
  • Advanced landfill gas monitoring training
  • Bernie Vlach’s ‘Inspection & Enforcement’ database is to be made available on the Board’s website, although currently it has only been circulated within the CIWMB and e-mailed to LEA’s for comment. LEA’s need to check site for accuracy and update the information if incorrect or out-of-date. Also, concern was raised that enforcement history is missing and that a field needs to be included to be used to explain why an action such as an extension was granted.

E. “New Application Form”

Mark de Bie noted that approximately half of the applications received since January 1, 2005, contained errors or were incomplete. Key issues include need to complete all boxes, and not use N.A, need to list the volume of wastes disposed, as well as amount processed (such as CD&I materials), and need to show how in-place wastes were calculated. At this time, the P&I staff are going back to the LEA’s when an application is incomplete. However, it is the CIWMB’s expectation that in the future the LEA will catch incomplete submittals prior to sending an application to the Board.

The question was raised as to how to remind LEA’s of the needs. Currently the issue is being discussed at trainings, notes will be included in FAQ’s, and it was requested that the issue be raised at the upcoming roundtables. It was suggested that a new e-mail from the Board may also be helpful.

F. “Enforcement Inspections”

Sharon reported that there appears to be a trend by local jurisdictions to not fill solid waste staff positions, resulting in a shortage of LEA’s. It was suggested that a gentle reminder first be sent to the jurisdiction noting that certain staffing is mandatory. Then escalate as necessary. Most likely the approach will be case specific.

VII.  Public Comment Period:


Meeting adjourned at 10:03 a.m.

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