California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting: December 5, 2006

Response to Resolution 2006-08

January 11, 2007

Mr. Greg Pirie, Acting Chair, EAC
Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency
Office of Napa County Administrator
1195 3rd St. Room 310
Napa, California 94559

Subject: Election of New Officers, Enforcement Advisory Council Resolution 2006-08, Superceding Enforcement Advisory Council Resolution 2006-07

Dear Mr. Pirie:

This letter from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) is in response to Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC) Resolution 2006-08, received January 9, 2007 and passed at the December 5, 2006 EAC meeting.

This EAC resolution supercedes EAC Resolution 2006-07 and announces the results of the EAC elections to replace recent unexpected vacancies due to promotions and/or program changes of talented LEA individuals elected as EAC officers. The new officers are as follows: Greg Pirie, Acting Chair (County of Napa LEA) to replace Matt Fore until another Chair is elected and Bill Prinz, Co-Vice Chair (City of San Diego LEA). Sue Markie, (EA Section, CIWMB) will continue as the other previously elected Co-Vice Chair.

The EAC is very fortunate to have the remarkable expertise, knowledge and talent of the acting Chair and both Co-Vice Chairs as their officers. Their dedicated work for the EAC and in other solid waste matters is highly valued. EAC’s commitment to and support of our joint partnership efforts continues to help increase the overall effectiveness of solid waste enforcement throughout the State.

I look forward to continued work with the EAC to further our success at coordinating an effective consistent statewide solid waste enforcement program and assuring that LEA and CIWMB interests and training needs are being met.


Original signed by

Howard Levenson, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Permitting and Enforcement Division

Attachment: EAC Resolution 2006-08

cc: Enforcement Advisory Council Members
      Ben Gale, Chair, CCDEH Solid Waste Policy Committee
      Margo Reid Brown, Chair, CIWMB
      Jeffrey Danzinger, Member, CIWMB
      Rosalie Mulé, Member, CIWMB
      Gary Petersen, Member, CIWMB
      Wesley Chesbro, Member, CIWMB
      Julie Nauman, Chief Deputy Director, CIWMB

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