California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: August 7, 2007

Meeting called to order 9:40 a.m. by Trey Strickland, Chair.

I. Introductions

Leonard Grossberg
Moushumi Hasan
Dennis Ferrier
Greg Pirie Bay
Trey Strickland
Donna Heran
John Wiggins
Bill O’Rullian
Pam Raptis
Sue Markie 
Sharon Anderson
Mark de Bie
Suzanne Hambleton
Bob Holmes
Rachel Morton
Mike Wochnick
Lorraine Van Kekerix
Bill Orr
Georgianne Turner
Ted Rauh
South Western Round Table
North Central Round Table
Northern Round Table
Bay Area Round Table
Northern Round Table
CCLHO (Health Officers)
South Central Round Table
Southern Round Table

II. Agenda Review

A. Added Agenda format suggestions; note taking rotation discussion; Odor Evaluation Issue (from last meeting).

III. Approval of Previous Minutes

Corrections to the June 19, 2007 Minutes:

  • Page 1–II (A) Correct spelling of C-Corp instead of Secor.
  • Page 3–IV (F) Add “indicates that an” in the second bullet, list sentence.
  • Page 5–VI (B) Correct spelling of Rauh instead of Raul.

A motion was moved, seconded (Markie/Pirie) and the minutes for the June 19, 2007 EAC meeting were approved as corrected.

IV. EAC Resolutions: Status and Updates

A. Resolution 2007-02-Permit Application & Instructions–Pending

Mark de Bie indicated that there is a draft resolution that spoke to this issue. Need to focus on what is the current issue and how to solve. Trey will check w/ Bill Prinz to see if he has the draft resolution.

B. Resolution 2007-03–Formal Comments Regarding Proposed Revision to the “Temporary Waiver of Terms” Regulations

On August CIWMB meeting agenda (consent calendar)–No further EAC action-Completed

C. E-Filing Data to CIWMB and Solid Waste Informational System (SWIS) Database Accessibility

Dennis Ferrier to reconvene the working group.

V. EAC Discussion Items

A. Closed Sites with Multiple Owners and SWIS

Issue continues regarding a concern that is shared throughout the state regarding closed sites that have been subdivided and are now owned by multiple property owners. There appears to be a need for separate inspection reports for a previously single site. EAC seeks input from Board staff on how this can be done within the current SWIS database. Discussion between Mike Wochnick and EAC members was on how to best address this issue. Suggestions: Recommendation to form a sub-committee to follow-up on this issue. Possible legal staff involvement may be needed. Proposal to draft a resolution on how to handle multiple inspection forms. EAC is requesting assistance from Board staff on forming a workgroup and solving this issue.

A motion was moved/seconded (Pirie/Ferrier) for Resolution 2007-05 to form a working group to solve this issue. Needs follow-up.

B. Ralph Hunter Award–Sue Markie indicated that only one nomination was received. EAC members voted on the approval of nominee Greg Pirie.

The selection of Greg Pirie was voted unanimously as the nominee for the Ralph Hunter Award. Markie to forward request to Ted Rauh for approval; Donna Heran to forward request to CCDEH for approval. Follow-up to distribute official award.

C. Other Issues: Agenda format suggestions; note taking rotation discussion; Odor Evaluation Issue (from last meeting).

  • Agenda format suggestions: Eliminate repetition and routine updates. Keep EAC agenda to discussion and action items.
  • Note taking rotation: Suggestions: Round robin, possible draft note taking form to allow for consistency. Rachel to develop form for input from EAC members.
  • Odor Evaluation Issue: Discussion of type of training. On-line training is a possibility. Invitation to Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB) and/or Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD) to attend CIWMB statewide training is another possibility. Discussions will continue.

VI. CIWMB Topics, Updates and Discussion

A. Legislation/Regulations

Bob Holmes provided the following regulations updates:

  • Active Landfill Gas: At Office of Administrative Law (OAL), possible effective date of mid September, 2007.
  • Financial Assurance: Focusing on postclosure cost estimates and insurance. Economic fiscal impact analysis is underway. Needs Dept. of Finance approval.
  • Mammalian Tissue Composting: Emergency regulations were approved by OAL and are in-effect. LEAs to be sent notice in the next couple of weeks. The regulations will be in effect for one year to allow for research and eventually in the event of a local emergency may be the basis to support mammalian composting at permitted composting facilities.

Bob Holmes provided the following legislation update:

  • AB 712: Will add 50 cents to tipping fee for the Air Resources Board’s Air Pollution Control Fund.

B. SCS Gas Monitoring Report

Mike Wochnick gave a brief update regarding report. Board staff found report incomplete and sent back to SCS for further input. Pending.

C. Training and LEA Conference

Suzanne Hambleton provided an update on the following training opportunities:

  • LEA/CIWMB Conference in October in San Diego.
  • State Minimum Standards: 2 day event. Going well.
  • Treated Wood Waste (TWW) sponsored by Department of Toxic Substances Contol (DTSC) on new TWW regulations
  • Beginning Landfill Gas Training: Madera and Ventura still have openings.
  • Proposed training: Dead Animal Burial

D. Illegal Dumping

Bill Orr gave update indicating that an internal Board team has been re-convened to look at recommendations from the task force. The Board will be asked to allocate $100,000 to develop an illegal dumping manual. Will be presenting to Board at a December 2007 board meeting. Will look at funding/laws.

E. Long Term Financial Assurances Study

Bill Orr gave update. Awarded contract to ICF who will work on report to review mechanisms that apply to post 30-year postclosure. Link on LEA Central for further information.

F. Strategic Directives Overview

Lorriane Van Kekerix, Mark De Bie and Bill Orr gave updates on the Board’s strategic directives. Staff will be reporting back to the Board in future meetings. Staff will seek LEA input throughout the process.

G. Other Issues–Permit Toolbox Update

Bill O’Rullian requested that an updated chart for the permitting process that includes timeframes be placed on the permit toolbox. Markie to follow-up with permitting staff.

VII.  Public Comment Period

No public comments were received.

VIII. Schedule Next EAC Meeting & Close Meeting

Next EAC meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2007.

A motion was moved, seconded (Markie/Grossberg) and the meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

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