California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: September 25, 2007

Meeting called to order 9:40 a.m. by Trey Strickland, Chair.

I. Introductions

Leonard Grossberg-South Western Round Table
Moushumi Hasan-North Central Round Table
Dennis Ferrier-Northern Cities
Greg Pirie-Bay Area Round Table
Trey Strickland-Northern Round Table
Robert McClellon-California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) (for Donna Heron)
Rebecca Lafreniere-Southern Round Table
Bill Prinz-Southern Cities
Ted Rauh-CIWMB
Mark de Bie-CIWMB
Georgianne Turner-CIWMB
Suzanne Hambleton-CIWMB
Bob Holmes-CIWMB
Rachel Morton-CIWMB
Mike Wochnick-CIWMB
Lorraine Van Kekerix-CIWMB
Bill Orr-CIWMB
Kevin Taylor-CIWMB
Rachel Davis-CIWMB

II. Agenda Review

III. Approval of Previous Minutes

Corrections to the August 7, 2007 Minutes:

  • Page 1, I–Pam Raptis was representing Southern RT not South Western RT
  • Page 3, VI (D)-Correct punctuation. Remove extra period from second sentence.

A motion was made, seconded (Pirie/Prinz) and the minutes for the August 7, 2007 EAC meeting were approved as corrected.

Chair Trey Strickland suggested sharing note taking amongst all EAC Members but it was agreed to continue to have Vice-Chairs take the minutes

IV. EAC Resolutions-Status and Updates

A. Resolution 2007-02-Permit Application & Instructions: Chair Strickland reviewed Greg Pirie’s previous notes from the January 25, 2007 meeting. It was determined that the issue of the application was a CIWMB issue and that a working group should be formed to address specific problems.

B. Resolution 2007-05–Closed Sites with Multiple Owners: Agreed to Leonard Grossberg’s draft resolution language for Chair’s signature: Need for developing a policy for addressing closed sites with participation in work group by CIWMB staff.

C. E-Filing Data to CIWMB and Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) Database Accessibility: No action taken.

The Toolbox Maintenance Committee (T-Mac) sub-committee and permit toolbox was discussed and the need to reconvene the group.

D. Resolution 2007-06-Ralph Hunter Award Resolution 2007: Resolution was prepared for signature granting this year’s award to Greg Pirie.

V. EAC Discussion Items

A. Strategic Directives (SD): A lengthy discussion about the proposed Strategic Directives that were presented at recent RT meetings.

EAC Consensus was that there was not enough time given for LEAs to provide input into this process. The following were the main concerns shared by EAC members:

  • What are the problems that the Strategic Directives are trying to address?
  • Directives use very confusing and conflicting terms (i.e. the terms audit, inspection and evaluation seemed to be used interchangeably).
  • Emphasis on enforcement but no discussion of inter-agency coordination or outside influences.
  • No mention of need for CIWMB staff performance evaluation and training.
  • Analyze SDs based on matrix 14 CCR and 27 CCR and diversion rates.
  • No acknowledgement of: high level of compliance at facilities, need to re-vamp AB 59 enforcement tools, benefits gained from Partnership 2000.
  • Focus on non-complying facilities list to address problems with LEAs.

The need to coordinate a joint response with CCDEH was expressed.

After lunch a brief meeting was held with CIWMB staff to share the above concerns. LEAs were granted a time extension to review and provide input on SD by October 26, 2007.

Greg Pirie and Rebecca Lafreniere will prepare a draft resolution for EAC consideration.

VI. CIWMB Topics, Updates, and Discussion

A. Regulations/Legislation

Regulations-Bob Holmes

  • Temporary Waiver regulations–Final rulemaking file; to OAL by Dec-Jan 2008
  • Mammalian tissue–in 45 day comment period, November 1, public hearing to make emergency regs permanent.
  • Phase I–Closure Post-Closure


  • AB 1048–Illegal Dumping Officer
  • AB 1473–Adoption of Emergency regulations for temporary permit
  • SB 470 Food and Agriculture–Dead animal disposal
  • AB 679–Illegal Dumping–Additional Civil Assessments
  • AB 1447–Appliances–fluids–clean up legislation
  • AB 548–Multi-family dwelling recycling
  • SB 966–Pharmaceutical waste

B. Training and LEA Conference

Suzanne Hambleton–EAC conference next month

C. Other Issues

Bill Orr discussed financial assurances, cost estimates and regulations–Phase I (workshops in November), Long-term Financial Assurances, illegal dumping task force

Rebecca Lafreniere discussed the issue of Toy recalls–whether these items are hazardous wastes or solid wastes for disposal purposes. Is there a need for an EAC resolution to determine waste classification of these materials.

VII. Public Comment Period

No public comments were received.

VIII. Schedule Next EAC Meeting & Close Meeting

Next EAC meeting is scheduled for December 4, 2007.

A motion was made, and passed, to adjourn the meeting at 2:21 p.m.


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