California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: October 7, 2010

CalEPA Building
1001 I Street
Sacramento, California

Meeting called to order 9:36 a.m.

I. Introductions

Rebecca LaFreniere, Chair, Southern Roundtable
Lars Seifert, New Southern Roundtable Elect
Leonard Grossberg, Vice-Chair, South Western Roundtable
Greg Pirie, Bay Area Roundtable
Jacquie Adams, New Southern Cities Elect
Marina Winslow, Absent, Northern Roundtable
Lisa Todd, North Central Roundtable
Brian Pitts, Absent CCDEH
Joe Doser, CCLHO
Dennis Ferrier, Vice-Chair, Absent, Northern Cities
Bill O’Rullian, South Central Roundtable
Vacant Position, Contract Counties
Vacant Position, EA, CalRecycle
Bob Holmes, CalRecycle
Bonnie Cornwall, CalRecycle
Rachel Morton, CalRecycle
Mark de Bie, CalRecycle
Ted Rauh, CalRecycle
Kevin Taylor, CalRecycle
Ken Decio, CalRecycle
Watson Gin, CalRecycle
Mike Wochnick, CalRecycle
Sue Markie, CalRecycle
Johnny Gonzales, SWRCB
Greg Kester, CA Assoc. Sanitation Agencies

Next EAC Meeting: Tuesday, December 7, 2010 in Sacramento; Scheduled for 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Minutes by Leonard Grossberg

(The agenda items below were not necessarily discussed in the order they are presented.)

II. Agenda Review

Items to be discussed on agenda will be facilitated by availability of presenter throughout the day. Several items will be added to the agenda if time permits.

III. Approval of Previous Minutes

A motion was made and seconded (Pirie/Todd) to approve the minutes from the July 29, 2009 EAC meeting with minor corrections. The minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.

IV. EAC Resolutions--Status and Updates

A. Minor Violations--Subcommittee Update (Deborah Biersteker)

(Dennis Ferrier, Debra Biersteker, & Joe Doser on Committee)

No updates to report.

B. E-Filing Data to CalRecycle and Solid Waste Information System Digital Inspection Program (SWIS DIP) Database Accessibility (Bonnie Cornwall)

With the increase in LEA participants, there is the potential for 80% of all inspection reports to be submitted electronically. There is no test needed to sign up, contact Melissa Parker to initiate. (It is a time saver during evaluations, since no reports turn up missing!)

V. EAC Discussion Items

A. Program Director Report (Ted Rauh)

  • Discussion of realignment of Department to continue over the next few weeks.
  • The State budget appears close to being signed (it could take several days).
  • Reporting the successful debris removal in the San Bruno natural gas-line fire (33 homes destroyed completely, 35 homes removed) with 50% of the material recycled! Note: USEPA required special removal of asbestos containing materials (ACM) even though samples showed no ACM in ash. This ran the cost up by almost $500,000.00.C.

B. Anaerobic Digestion at Publically Owned Treatment Works (POTW): (Mark de Bie, Greg Kester)

Teleconference with Greg Kester of the Ca Association of Sanitation Agencies (916/844-5262 or

  • Waste received at POTWs are treated at below compost temperatures (falls into compost or transfer station regulations)
  • Wastes that are not handled/processed can be exempted (direct transfer from pumper truck into tank.) FOG (fats, oils, grease) that goes straight into process tanks can be exempted by the local LEA from requirements.

Johnny Gonzales of State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) voiced his concern was to protect the POTWs.

The issue is how to address LEA concerns or comments on future feed stocks.

C. Legislation/Regulations (Bob Holmes)


  • AB 1004: Trust fund extension plus 6 months. (Owners voluntarily commit to pay into the fund.)
  • AB 2398: Manufacturers and retailers part of recycling plans (carpet stewardship). (Sept. 30, 2011)
  • AB 1343: Manufacturers and retailers part of recycling plans (paint stewardship). (Mfg. submits plans to CalRecycle by July 2012, once approved only mfgs. approved can sell paint/carpets.)


  1. Streamline enforcement actions for tire facilities (like tire haulers)
  2. Storage of tires at tire facilities (consistent with State Fire Marshal)
    1. New fire standards
    2. Increase tire storage volumes (temporary events)
    3. Permitting: 5 year review versus the permit expires and gets re-issued

D. Permit Process 2010 in the New Department (Mark de Bie)

  • Any changes, facility must submit a Report of Facility Information (RFI) amendment at least 180 days prior to 5 year review date.
  • Discussion on 5 year reviews separate from RFI amendments/modifications.
  • Requested to add boxes to form under the financial assurance documentation section
  • Additional discussion on scenarios of reviews and revisions culminating with a request for comments within 2 weeks.

E. Proposed Best Management Practices for Non-Water Corrective Action Work Plans (Watson Gin)

By July 1, 2011 facilities must provide financial assurance funds that are set aside to be used at sites that need additional money to restore site. “Flooding” outside of 500 year flood plan is considered outside the event, others have to address the concerns.

F. Problems With SWIS Electronic Submittals (O’Rullion)

Spelling errors, neatness, clean reports, contact information.

G. EAC Elections: (Rebecca Lafreniere)

  • Nomination and second for EAC chair 2010-2012: Joe Doser, unanimous vote of acceptance.
  • Nomination and second for EAC vice-chair North 2010-2012: Greg Pirie, unanimous vote of acceptance.
  • Nomination and second for EAC vice-chair South 2010-2012: Lars Seifert, unanimous vote of acceptance.

A resolution will be drafted by the out-going chair and emailed to the EAC members for approval prior to submittal to CalRecycle.

H. Proposed Regulations For Closure/Post Closure Maintenance and Financial Assurance (Mike Wochnick)

Does not impact the LEAs since it is all handled by CalRecycle.

It is based on the size of the landfill (5 categories) and fees will range from $5,500 to $15,000 per year (estimated). There are 288 facilities that will participate.

I. Training and LEA Conference (Bonnie Cornwall)

  • Postponed some upcoming training events/venues due to budget not being signed. (They may be back on the schedule next week if the budget is signed.)
  • Communications training being conducted by Sacramento State: Oct. 15 in Sacramento; Oct. 25 in San Diego; Oct. 26 in Riverside; Nov. 19 in Fresno.

Next Conference:

  • Conference steering committee has slotted most of the efforts requested.
  • Conference still scheduled for February 28 to March 3, 2011 in Monterey, CA.

J. California Department of Food and Agricultures (CDFA) Proposed Regulations for Renderers, Collection Centers, Dead Animals, and Transporters of Inedible kitchen Grease (Bob Holmes, Mark de Bie)

5 Issues:

  • Carcass disposal: Nothing new to discuss
  • Quarantine: CDFA is conducting mandatory meetings. Discussion on CDFA authority and compliance agreements (for transfer stations, landfills, and composting facilities).
  • Compost Labeling: Only applies to nutrient claims (see AB 856 from 2009) organic farming claims added to include justification.
  • Land Application: (identified in 8.3 directives) White paper removed all references to CDFA! In discussion with CDFA/CalRecycle over disposal vs. beneficial use.
  • Meat Scraps: There were some solid waste facilities that were receiving material that should be going to Renderer (CDFA issued a notice). Revision to CDFA rules on haulers and Renderers. CDFA is willing to hold public hearings to discuss issues in Aug/Sept.

K. Other Issues


VI. Public Comments


VII. Next EAC Meeting December 7, 2010 in Sacramento

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

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