California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting: Solid Waste Management through Partnership

Minutes: October 26, 2015

Meeting Called to Order at 9:00 a.m.

I: Introductions/In Attendance:

Stan Chau, California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) SWPC (Solid Waste Policy Committee)
Christine Sosko, CCDEH SWPC chair
William Stratton, CCDEH SWPC
Leslye Choate, CCDEH SWPC
Lisa Jameson--Chair, EAC-North Central Roundtable                                
Kathryn Cross--Vice- Chair, Southern Roundtable
Linda Johnson--Vice-Chair, EAC-Southern Cities
Sean Debley, EAC-South Western Roundtable
John Wells, EAC-Northern Roundtable
Paul Tavares, EAC-Northern Cities
Greg Schirle, EAC-Bay Area Roundtable
Jeffrey Marshall, EAC-South Central Roundtable
Bill Prinz, CCDEH SWPC
Tommy Asoo, CDPH
Elizabeth Morgan, CCDEH
Justin Malan, CCDEH
Greg Pirie, CCDEH
Elizabeth King, CCDEH
Robert McClellon, CCDEH SWPC

Leta Forland, CalRecycle
Kevin Taylor, CalRecycle
Ken Decio, CalRecycle                                         
Susan Markie, CalRecycle
Maria Salinas, CalRecycle

Minutes by Kathryn Cross

II. CCDEH Report

A. 2015 Legislative Update by Justin Malan. 

  • A summary table with all the current legislation was distributed to the group, and Mr. Malan proceeded to give updates on the listed legislation.

B. Ms. Sosko announced the action plan/goals of the Solid Waste policy committee for the upcoming year.

  • Some of the goals are as follows: Temporary permit, change in trash collection frequency, fee structure, retail farming classification, food waste (recoverable and non-recoverable), and AB333.

III. CalRecycle Update

A. Department Updates by Sue Markie

  • CalRecycle is almost done with cleanup from the fire areas in Northern California (2015).\
  • On November 10th, a decision should be made by the Office of Administrative Law regarding the Compostable Materials, Transfer/Processing regulations.

IV. CDPH Updates

A. Department Updates by Tommy Asoo

  • CDPH advised a draft report to the legislature is currently at agency, it is due by January 1, 2016.
  • Posted latest version of Medical Waste Act on CDPH website; it includes most recent changes. RICA – reverse distributors, the Federal language is on the federal website; manage it all as RICRA.
  • SB 225 chaptered:  Medical Waste tracking - requires duplicate documents, letter sent to haulers. A few changes were made to tracking documents.  It is now back to one doctor.
  • Assembly Bill 234 is a food processing bill regarding community gardens (small generators).  It piggy-backed 1990 bill if they follow best management practices.
  • Senate Bill 612, third of CUPA bills deal with 6 parts of CUPA program -  those that do medical waste.  It is in statute, and there’s lots of authority.

V. Next CCDEH Meeting

 January 20, 2016

EAC Agenda

I. Update on Current Projects by Lisa Jameson

A. Discussions regarding Hearing Request and Failure to Act

  • Enforcement Survey sent out to LEAs; awaiting results

B. Plan Primer

  • Closure plan procedures; Working group: Lisa, William and Wes.

II. Roundtable News/Updates

A. Land Application-wood chips

B. Landslide (Kern County), Emergency Debris Management, Caltrans/CHP response

C. EA Notifications-still problem for LEAs, EAC discussing resolution

D. Low level Radioactive Waste

III. Next EAC Meeting

 December 9, 2015

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m. 

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