California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Program Plan Toolbox

Contacts by Jurisdiction

LEA Certification and Evaluation Supervisor: Debbie Knight

Contacts by Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction LEA Code CalRecycle Staff Contact
Alameda County 01-AA Diana Cozadd
Alpine County 02-AA Debbie Knight
Amador County 03-AA Lynn Smith
Butte County 04-AA Diana Cozadd
Calaveras County 05-AA Lynn Smith
Colusa County 06-AA Lynn Smith
Contra Costa County 07-AA Sue Chow
City of Pittsburg 07-AC Diana Cozadd
Del Norte County 08-AA Sue Chow
El Dorado County 09-AA Diana Cozadd
Fresno County 10-AA Sue Chow
Glenn County 11-AA Lynn Smith
Humboldt County 12-AA Debbie Knight
Imperial County 13-AA Debbie Knight
Inyo County 14-AA Lynn Smith
Kern County 15-AA Sue Chow
Kings County 16-AA Debbie Knight
Lake County 17-AA Lynn Smith
Lassen County 18-AA Sue Chow
Los Angeles County 19-AA Sue Chow
City of West Covina 19-AF Debbie Knight
City of Los Angeles 19-AR Sue Chow
Sunshine Canyon Landfill 19-AT Debbie Knight
City of Vernon 19-DE Diana Cozadd
Madera County 20--AA Lynn Smith
Marin County 21-AA Sue Chow
Mariposa County 22-AA Diana Cozadd
Mendocino County 23-AA Debbie Knight
Merced County 24-AA Diana Cozadd
Modoc County 25-AA Sue Chow
Mono County 26-AA Lynn Smith
Monterey County 27-AA Sue Chow
Napa County 28-AA Sue Chow
Nevada County 29-AA Diana Cozadd
Orange County 30-AB Lynn Smith
Placer County 31-AA Sue Chow
Plumas County 32-AA Sue Chow
Riverside County 33-AA Diana Cozadd
Sacramento County 34-AA Diana Cozadd
San Bernardino County 36-AA Debbie Knight
San Diego County 37-AA Sue Chow
City of San Diego 37-AB Diana Cozadd
San Francisco County 38-AA Diana Cozadd
San Joaquin County 39-AA Debbie Knight
San Mateo County 41-AA Lynn Smith
Santa Barbara County 42-AA Lynn Smith
Santa Clara County 43-AA Debbie Knight
City of San Jose 43-AN Diana Cozadd
Shasta County 45-AA Debbie Knight
Sierra County 46-AA Diana Cozadd
Siskiyou County 47-AA Sue Chow
Solano County 48-AA Debbie Knight
Sonoma County 49-AA Lynn Smith
Sutter County 51-AA Lynn Smith
Tehama County 52-AA Lynn Smith
Trinity County 53-AA Debbie Knight
Tulare County 54-AA Debbie Knight
Tuolumne County 55-AA Lynn Smith
Ventura County 56-AA Sue Chow
Yolo County 57-AA Diana Cozadd
Yuba County 58-AA Lynn Smith
Last updated: April 19, 2017
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