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Enforcement Program Plan Toolbox

Guidance Documents, Forms and Sample Documents

If you need assistance accessing any documents on this page, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at (916) 341-6300.

Annual Review Guidance Documents

For your convenience, the guidance documents below provide in-depth details on the EPP annual review.

  • Annual Update Guidance. Guidance provided to LEAs to assist with the annual update of the EPP
  • Budget Guide (Fillable Word Form), Printable PDF version. Guidance provided to LEAs during the annual update to meet 14 CCR 18074 Category Requirements for the LEA EPP
  • Checklist (Fillable Excel Form), Printable PDF version. Checklist provided to LEAs to indicate what changes and/or updates to EPP documents are being submitted. (Required to be submitted with the annual EPP update.)


The forms below may be used by the LEA.

Sample Documents

These documents provide examples of how to complete some of the forms listed above.

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