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LEA Evaluations

Status of Local Enforcement Agencies Currently Under Evaluation

This page includes details on the status of local enforcement agencies currently under evaluation by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. The following table is a description of the tasks conducted during each phase of the evaluation process. The table is sorted in descending order by the evaluation start date.

Jurisdiction Week Evaluation Started Current Phase Staff Contact
Marin County 8/6/2014 Phase I Sue Chow
Sacramento County 6/4/2014 Phase I Diana Cozadd
Yuba/Sutter Counties 6/2/2014 Phase I Lynn Smith
Monterey County 4/28/2014 Phase II Sue Chow
Nevada County 4/17/2014 Phase II Diana Cozadd
Humboldt County 4/4/2014 Phase I Heather Beckner
Imperial County 4/1/2014 Phase II Heather Beckner
San Diego County 3/3/2014 Phase II Sue Chow
Orange County 2/24/2014 Phase III Lynn Smith
Madera County 12/3/2013 Phase IV Lynn Smith
Tulare County 11/23/2013 Phase IV Heather Beckner
Lake County 10/25/2013 Phase IV Lynn Smith
Mariposa County  9/23/2013 Phase IV Diana Cozadd
Tuolumne County 7/18/2013 Phase IV Lynn Smith
Mendocino County  6/24/2013 Phase IV Heather Beckner
Contra Costa County 3/27/2013 Phase IV Sue Chow
City of San Jose 11/9/2012 Phase IV Diana Cozadd
Tehama County 7/23/2012 Phase IV Lynn Smith

Phase I

  • Generate SWIS reports.
  • Note compliance issues.
  • Conduct meetings/discussions with division staff.
  • Compile specific information and document on a site-by-site basis.
  • Reconcile outstanding issues with LEA.

Phase II

  • Prepare draft LEA evaluation report.
  • Verify current status of issues with LEA.
  • Circulate draft LEA evaluation report for internal review.
  • Provide LEA with draft evaluation.

Phase III

  • Arrange and hold exit interview.
  • Revise draft evaluation data as appropriate.
  • Verify any changes with division staff.
  • Finalize evaluation and provide LEA with results.

Phase IV

Last updated: August 11, 2014
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