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LEA Central: Ralph Hunter Memorial Award

Nomination Procedures

Local Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) throughout the state can select nominees for the Ralph Hunter Memorial Award by submitting nomination applications to the Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC). The EAC reviews the applications received using the criteria specified in the eligibility information below, and then the Awards Committee selects a winner on an annual basis. The Chair of the EAC presents the award.

Purpose: To recognize an individual who has made a major impact to the LEA/solid waste field by development of a special or new program, involvement with educational activities, involvement on committees and/or workgroups, involvement in the permitting and/or enforcement process, or any special achievement which enhances the delivery of protecting the public health and other environmental health principles through the LEA/EA program.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Eligibility: Any person employed by an LEA/EA for a minimum of two years. The person may be at a staff, supervisor, or management level of employment.
  2. Nomination Package:
    1. All information requested on the nomination form shall be completed. Please complete and submit the nomination form and complete package to the EAC.
    2. Nomination packages must indicate the name, title, address, employer, and phone number of the nominee and the name, phone number, and address of the LEA/EA making the nomination.
    3. Nomination packages shall include all possible documentation to demonstrate the accomplishments of the nominee, which have enhanced the field of environmental health through the LEA/EA program. The amount of detail provided outlining the accomplishment(s) is a critical component for the evaluation of the accomplishment.
  3. Criteria, Evaluation and Voting: The Awards Committee will evaluate the nomination based on the importance of project/program-- subject of achievement, scope of impact on solid waste, and accompanying narrative and detailed documentation describing the achievement.
    1. Nomination packages will be evaluated by the Awards Committee using the rating criteria. All Award Committee members independently evaluate each nomination package and assign a score.
    2. Scores are forwarded to the EAC Chair, averaged, reviewed, and confirmed by the Awards Committee.
    3. The Awards Committee members, as a group, discuss the nominee’s final rating score, application package and scope of achievements.
    4. The EAC Chair requests a vote at the EAC Awards Committee meeting for final selection of the award recipient. If the Awards Committee determines that the nominees do not meet the criteria for the award, the award may not be given. If a nominee is selected, approval is through concurrence by resolution.

    If a nominee is a member of the Awards Committee, the nominee shall recuse him/herself from the Awards Committee. The EAC Chair, with concurrence of the EAC, may request that a representative from the committee member’s Roundtable Region be selected for the Awards Committee.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee consists of twelve individuals authorized to vote on a nominee. The committee is comprised of the EAC Chair, two Co-Chairs and seven members of the EAC; CCDEH Solid Waste Policy Committee Chair and CalRecycle's Director or his/her designee.

The Award

The award consists of an engraved plaque for the recipient whose name will be included on a perpetual plaque (the EAC is responsible for creation of the plaque). The award may be presented at one of the following venues: the LEA Technical Training Conference, an LEA Roundtable, or at an event selected by the award recipient (Board of Supervisors meeting, local agency meeting, etc.)

Last updated: December 22, 2017
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