California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

December Board Meeting Summary

Date: December 21, 2007

To: All LEAs

This all LEA e-mail summarizing the December Board Meeting is being sent on behalf of the LEA Outreach Training Support Branch of the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), and Ted Rauh, Director, Waste Compliance and Mitigation Program. Summaries of the previous Board meetings are available on the web.

Board Meeting: December 11, 2007
Permitting and Compliance (P&C) Committee Meeting: December 3, 2007
Strategic Policy Committee: December 4, 2007

December Meeting Action Summary:

Below are the actions by the Board and/or the Permitting & Compliance and Strategic Policy Development Committees on select agenda items which may be of interest to LEAs. For information on the specific agenda item, the links to each agenda item and presentation, when available, are provided below.

Agenda items are listed by number below:

Permitting & Compliance

1. Approved (Consent). Consideration of the Amended Countywide Siting Element for Alameda County

2. Concurred (Consent). Consideration of the Adoption of a Negative Declaration (State Clearinghouse #2007092056) and the Consideration of a New Solid Waste Facilities Permit (Transfer/Processing Facility) for A Plus Materials Recycling Inc., San Joaquin County

3. Pulled. Consideration of a Revised Full Solid Waste Facilities Permit (Disposal Facility) for the Nor Cal Waste Systems Hay Road Landfill Inc., Solano County (Committee Item D)

Note: The Permitting and Compliance Committee recommended objecting to this proposed permit revision because of the facility’s past violations of state minimum standards. The operator waived time and the LEA asked that the permit be put off until April 2008.

4. Concurred (Consent). Consideration of a Revised Full Solid Waste Facilities Permit (Disposal Facility and Compostable Materials Handling Facility) for Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill, Kern County

5. Approved. Consideration of the Grant Awards for the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program (Farm and Ranch Cleanup Account, FY 2007/2008)

Note: This item was heard by the full Board to allow staff additional time to verify whether a property owner received a reduced price when purchasing the property. Staff verified that the owner did not receive any economic benefit from having the waste on their property.

6. Approved (Committee Consensus). Consideration of a Grant Award for the Solid Waste Disposal and Codisposal Site Cleanup Grant Program (Solid Waste Disposal Trust Fund, FY 2007/08)

7. Approved Option One. Consideration of Scope of Work, Contractor, and Augmentation of Contract Allocation for the At-Store Recycling Programs Created Under Assembly Bill 2449 (Integrated Waste Management Account, FY 2007/08)

8. Directed Another 15-Day Comment Period. Request for Rulemaking Direction on Noticing Revisions to The Proposed Regulations on Mammalian Tissue Composting for an Additional 15-day Comment Period

Note: The 15-day comment period runs from 12/7 through 12/28. Changes were made to Sections 17855.2 and 17862 to allow for research on other public health, animal health, safety, or environmental issues not just pathogen reduction.

9. Directed Staff to Continue with Proposed Plan. Discussion of the Solid Waste Enforcement Process and Compliance Strategies to Meet Strategic Directives Relating to Enforcement at Solid Waste Facilities

Note: The Plan includes comprehensive data management, triggers, enforcement program plan enforcement steps and more.

10. Adopted. Consideration of Adoption of Proposed Regulations on Landfill Closure and Postclosure Cost Estimates

11. Discussion. Presentation and Discussion of Contractor Report Titled: Study to Identify Potential Long-Term Threats and Financial Assurance Mechanisms for Long-Term Postclosure Maintenance and Corrective Action at Solid Waste Landfills (FY 2006/07 Contract No. IWM06051)

12. Discussion. Discussion of Staff Analysis and Request for Direction on Long-Term Postclosure Maintenance and Correction Action Financial Assurances for Landfills

13. Directed Staff to Continue with Proposed Actions. Update And Request For Direction Regarding State/Local Efforts To Combat Illegal Dumping

Note: The agenda item includes a list of key accomplishments and on-going activities as well as proposed regulatory, statutory, and financial assistance needed to remediate and prevent illegal dumping.

Strategic Policy Development

15. Discussion. Discussion of Organics Policy Roadmap and Schedule; and Consideration of Organics Allocation Proposals (Integrated Waste Management Account, FY 2007/08)

Note: Strategic Directive 6.1 addresses the largest category of disposed material in the waste stream and requires a 50 percent reduction of organics in the waste stream by 2020. In order to meet Strategic Directive 6.1, an additional facilities/infrastructure to process at least 15 million tons per year of organics will be needed by 2020. Also, the Board approved the three Organics Allocation Proposals.

16. Discussion. Discussion of Climate Action Team Subgroup Activities

Note: For the Landfill subgroup, each strategy was prioritized as to whether it was a near/medium-term or long-term strategy depending on the length of time needed to obtain all the necessary information to complete a full assessment and are listed in the attachment.

17. Update-Discussion. Update to Board on Implementation of Strategic Directive 4, Landfill Management And Strategic Directive 8, Enforcement/Permitting

Note: The agenda item includes a list of key accomplishments and on-going activities to achieve the goals in these Strategic Directives.

18. Adopted. Consideration of Revisions to Board`s Governance Policies 1-13

Note: The Board Governance Policies set forth the Board’s internal processes and roles, including defining the relationship between the Board and the Executive Director and the staff.

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The next Board meeting will be on January 23 in Sacramento. The P&C Committee will meet on Monday January 14 and the Strategic Policy Development Committee will meet on January 16.

Ted Rauh, Program Director
Waste Compliance and Mitigation Program

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Date Released: December 21, 2007
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