California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

October Board Meeting Summary

Date: November 5, 2007

To: All Local Enforcement Agencies

Board Meeting: October 16, 2007
Permitting and Compliance (P&C) Committee Meeting: October 9, 2007

Summary of the Board and P&C Committee Meetings on items of possible interest to LEAs:

1. New Vice Chair: The Board elected Jeffrey Danzinger as the new Vice Chair. Prior to joining the Board, Mr. Danzinger served as Governor Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director of Communications and Chief Speechwriter since 2003. He was previously a senior communications consultant in the California State Assembly, served on the gubernatorial staffs of Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian, and was an advisor at the Integrated Waste Management Board.

2. Enforcement Strategic Directive: Ted Rauh, Program Director, mentioned that the LEAs requested and were provided with additional time to review the draft proposal on implementation of the Enforcement Strategic Directive. The proposed implementation strategy will be before the Board in December.

3. P&C Committee/Board Summary: This month, the P&C committee heard the following items, (the Committee’s and/or Board’s actions are below each item).

3.1 One Solid Waste Facility Permit Item: The Board concurred in one full solid waste facility permit for a new transfer station in Monterey County. The proposed permit was approved on consent.

3.2 Two new AB 2136 Projects: The Board approved two new Board-managed projects under the Solid Waste Disposal And Codisposal Site Cleanup Program. One of the projects is on Santa Cruz Island, the largest of California's eight Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. The island is jointly owned by The Nature Conservancy and the National Park Service who are trying to restore and protect the unique and endemic flora and fauna that exists. Since acquiring the island in 1978, The Nature Conservancy has battled with tons of solid waste that has been left behind from work and construction crews over the years. The Board approved $200,000 for the removal and transportation of un-recyclable solid waste from Santa Cruz Island. The other project is in Tuolumne County. The board approved $350,000 for the removal of solid wastes, tires, appliances, hazardous materials, garbage, rubbish, construction debris, etc. The Tuolumne County LEA issued a Notice and Order to cease illegal dumping and begin removal of wastes. If the property owner does not comply with the Notice and Order, the Board approved a Board-managed cleanup of this site.

3.3 Noncompliance With The 50 Percent Diversion Mandate By Six State Agencies/Facilities: CIWMB staff has identified 6 of the 396 reporting State agencies and large State facilities as being noncompliant with PRC Section 42921 (b). PRC Section 42921 (b) mandates that each reporting State agency and large State facility after January 1, 2004, shall divert at least 50 percent of all solid waste from landfill disposal. To address the non-compliances, the Board recommended that the facilities be identified on the noncompliance section of the CIWMB’s website and Board leadership meet with the leaders of the noncompliant State agency or facility to discuss compliance and how to assist the State agency/facility in achieving the 50 percent diversion mandate based on each agency/facility’s written explanation of how they plan to meet the 50 percent diversion mandate. For more information please see the agenda item.

3.4 Discussion Of Development Of Financial Assurance Regulations And Board Report In Response To AB 2296: Board heard an excellent overview of the Board’s closure plan and postclosure maintenance plan process including a review of the statutes and regulations that pertain to closure plan and postclosure maintenance plans. Several key decisions on proposed changes to closure regulations and long-term postclosure costs will be before the Board during the last quarter of 2007. For more information on the closure and post closure maintenance plan requirements and program, please see the agenda item.

3.5 Eligibility Criteria And Evaluation Process For The Local Waste Tire Enforcement Grant Program: The Board approved the eligibility criteria and evaluation process for the Local Waste Tire Enforcement Grant Program. Among the significant changes for this years grant cycle are removal of the 10% cap on administrative overhead which may be charged against the grant and the allowance for spending a portion of the grant to cleanup small tire piles with under 500 tires. There are conditions attached to both provisions and the agenda item and the soon to be released grant application package should be consulted for more details.

4. Other Committee/ Board Discussion Items:

4.1 Organics Summit: At the Strategic Policy Committee on October 10, CIWMB held an Organics Summit to discuss with stakeholders their ideas on the future of organic materials, including opportunities, barriers, challenges, and potential solutions to help CIWMB formulate a road map for the future handling of organic materials, including composting and markets for organics. Input received at the Summit is being analyzed and will be made available in the near future.

4.2 Strategic Directive 7--Customer and Local Assistance: The Board has requested periodic reports on each of the Strategic Directives, so that progress toward implementation of each Directive can be assessed. The Board heard an update on the key activities undertaken and/or completed and on issues that may need discussion relative to Strategic Directive 7 – Customer and Local Assistance. For more information please see the agenda item

4.3 Strategic Directive 12--Training and Development: The Board heard an update on implementation of Strategic Directive 12, which includes training for CIWMB staff and the Board as well as for LEAs. For more information please see the agenda item

5. Upcoming events:

Also see LEA Training.
  • November 14: Financial Assurance Contract Workshop with AB 2296 Consultants. This workshop will allow the Financial Assurance AB 2296 Consulting Group an opportunity to review the draft staff report that is based on results of the contracted study and includes recommendations proposed by staff regarding long-term postclosure maintenance and/or corrective action financial assurance requirements. The AB 2296 Consulting Group will be able to ask questions and provide comments at this workshop. The meeting is open to the public.

The LEA/Operator Training Schedule is shown below:

  • November 14-15
    State Minimum Standards Training
    Los Angeles--Wait List
  • January 2008
    Conflict Resolution
    3 classes throughout the state
  • November 3-5, 2008
    Beginning Landfill Gas Training Workshop
    Napa--Wait List

The next Board meeting will be on November 13 in Sacramento. The P&C Committee will meet on Monday, November 5 at 1:30 p.m. The Strategic Policy Development Committee will meet on November 6, at 10 a.m.

A special P&C Committee meeting will meet on Friday, November 16, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. in CIWMB's Training Room 510. The item on this agenda is a discussion and request for rulemaking direction on noticing revisions to the proposed regulations on landfill closure and postclosure cost estimates for an additional 15-day comment period.

The Committee and Board meetings are audio broadcast and are available from almost any personal computer with Internet access. Go to and click on the far right link under "More Resources" titled "Broadcasts & Videos" or click on "Broadcasts" in the upper right corner of the electronic meeting agenda.

October 16, 2007 Board Meeting: Permitting and Compliance and Other Agenda Items

All agenda items may be accessed at:

1. Concurred (Consent). Consideration Of A New Solid Waste Facilities Permit (Transfer/Processing Facility) For Jolon Road Transfer Station, Monterey County-- (Committee Item B)

2. Approved (Committee Consensus). Consideration Of New Projects For The Solid Waste Disposal And Codisposal Site Cleanup Program (Solid Waste Disposal Trust Fund, FY 2007/08)--(Committee Item C)

3. Approved. Consideration Of Action For Noncompliance With The 50 Percent Diversion Mandate By: 20th District Agricultural Association; 7th District Agricultural Association; Calipatria State Prison; San Quentin State Prison; Compton Community College; 21st District Agricultural Association; California Institution For Men, Chino; And Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility--(Committee Item D)

4. Information. Discussion Of Development Of Financial Assurance Regulations And Board Report In Response To AB 2296--(Committee Item E)

5. Approved (Committee Consensus). Consideration Of The Eligibility Criteria And Evaluation Process For The Local Waste Tire Enforcement Grant Program (Tire Recycling Management Fund, FYs 2007/08 and 2008/09)--(Committee Item F)

Strategic Policy Development Committee Public Workshop: Organics Summit

9. Discussion. Update To Board On Implementation Of Strategic Directive 7--Customer And Local Assistance--(Committee Item E)

10. Discussion. Update To Board On Implementation Of Strategic Directive 12--Training (Committee Item F)

12. Election of Board Vice Chair

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Date Released: November 5, 2007
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