California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Invitation to Participate in Closure Cost Estimates Dialogue

Date: September 24, 2007

To: All Local Enforcement Agencies

Solid waste industry representatives have recently raised concerns regarding which costs must be included in closure cost estimates. CIWMB staff recognizes that industry representatives have differing opinions regarding the approach taken by staff in implementing closure cost requirements. CIWMB is initiating a dialogue with landfill operators, US EPA, the State Water Resources Control Board, local enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other interested parties on this topic. We invite you to participate. A web page is available that describes several opportunities for input and discussion.

In addition, a briefing document with the statutory and regulatory requirements, historical context, and options for flexibility will be distributed in the next several days.

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Date Released: September 24, 2007
LEA Correspondence,
Melissa Hoover-Hartwick: (916) 341-6813