California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

May 2008 Board Meeting Summary

Date: June 12, 2008

To: All Local Enforcement Agencies

Board Meeting: May 20, 2008
Permitting and Compliance (P&C) Committee Meeting: May 12, 2008

May Meeting Action Summary

Below are the actions by the Board and/or the Permitting and Compliance and Strategic Policy Development Committees on select agenda items which may be of interest to LEAs. Additional information on the specific agenda item is available. Agenda items are listed by agenda number below:

Permitting and Compliance

Table 1. Actions Taken by the California Integrated Waste Management Board in May 2008 of Interest to Local Enforcement Agencies
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Board Action Notes
1 Contractor for the Environmental Investigation Services Contract Approved
(Committee Consensus)
Ninyo & Moore was approved as the contractor for the Environmental Services Contract to assist in site investigation and enforcement of state minimum standards at closed, illegal, and abandoned solid waste disposal sites in California. Examples of work to be performed under contract include construction of trenches and boreholes to characterize the extent and nature of waste, construction of landfill gas monitoring systems, non-intrusive geophysical surveying, aerial photogrammetry, land surveying, and technical drawing. The contract would expire in May 2010, unless extended, for a “not-to-exceed” amount of $300,000 from the mandatory services portion of the Integrated Waste Management Account.
2 Contractor for the Laboratory Services Contract Approved
(Committee Consensus)
Excelchem Environmental Laboratories was approved as the contractor to provide environmental sampling and analytical services for investigation and enforcement of state minimum standards at solid waste disposal sites and facilities. The company has a qualified staff of fifteen analysts, technicians, and administrators with expertise in the areas of chemistry, biology, geology, environmental toxicology, computer science, and statistics. The contract would expire in May 2010 for a “not-to-exceed” amount of $150,000 from the mandatory services portion of the Integrated Waste Management Act.
3 Grant Awards for the Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup and Amnesty Event Grant Program Approved (Committee Consensus) For FY 2007/08, the Board approved 44 grant applications for the combined Waste Tire Cleanup and Waste Tire Amnesty Event Grant Program. $1,000,000 is allocated for tire cleanup projects with a maximum grant award of $50,000 per site and up to $200,000 per applicant, and $1,000,000 for amnesty events with a maximum grant award of $30,000 per applicant and up to $90,000 per regional applicant. The Board awarded a total amount of $1,989,517 with $790,923 funding waste tire cleanup projects and $1,198,594 funding waste tire amnesty events.
4 Update on Landfill Long-Term Financial Assurances Activities for Postclosure Maintenance and Corrective Action Discussion: Heard in Permitting & Compliance Committee Only The P&E Committee heard a presentation on proposals and various models to assure adequate funds for post closure maintenance, corrective actions, and various options for financial assurance demonstrations for beyond 30 years. There will be a discussion and request for additional direction at the June Board meeting and proposed regulatory language will be presented at the July Board meeting.
5 Discussion of Status of and Preliminary Results from the Organic Diversion Facilities Siting Subproject-A Portion of Board Staff`s Implementation of the Organics Road Map Developed Pursuant to Strategic Directive 6.1 Discussion: Heard in Permitting & Compliance Committee Only A presentation on the key barriers to siting organic materials handling facilities and solutions to those barriers was presented at the P&E Committee meeting. The list of key solutions will be refined and developed into a draft workplan. In June, staff will ask for the Board’s direction on the draft workplan.
9 Consideration of Adjustments to the Covered Electronic Waste (CEW) Recovery and Recycling Payment Rates Approved After evaluation of 2007 Net Cost Reports, the CIWMB lowered the current 48 cents/pound combined payment rate to e-waste collectors and recyclers. New rates will be as follows:

▪ For CEW transferred from a collector to a recycler on or after July 1, 2008, the recovery payment will be 16 cents per pound.

▪ For CEW recycling payment claims submitted to the CIWMB on or after July 1, 2008, and on or before September 15, 2008, the combined recovery and recycling payment rate will be 43 cents per pound.

▪ For CEW recycling payment claims submitted to the CIWMB on or after September 16, 2008, the combined recovery and recycling payment rate will be 39 cents per pound.

10 Update on Implementation of Strategic Directive 10-Fiduciary Responsibility Discussion Only Additional updates will continue at the June Board meeting. Staff will present the Audit Plan and discuss proposed revisions to some components of Strategic Directive 10 as follows:

10.1: Ensure the fiscal integrity and the appropriate protection of CIWMB funds for contracts, grants, loans, oil fee-payers, e-waste claims, and reimbursements.

10.3: Audit 5 percent of loans, grants, contracts, oil fee-payers, and e-waste claims in 2007 and increase thereafter annually to a 21percent, across the board, audit rate.

10.5: Require a self-assessment of all grant programs to be conducted by the grantee at the conclusion of each grant.

The P&C Committee will meet on June 9. The next Board meeting will be on June 17 in Sacramento. The Committee and Board meetings audio broadcasts are available from almost any personal computer with Internet access. Summaries of the previous Board meetings are are also available.

Additionally, there is a special Permitting and Compliance Committee Meeting on the proposed Sunshine Canyon Landfill permit scheduled on Thursday, June 12, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. at the San Fernando City Chambers located at 117 MacNeil Street, San Fernando, California.

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