California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Regulations Alert! Disposal Site Gas Monitoring and Control Regulations

August 6, 2008

To: All Local Enforcement Agencies

Proposed Revisions to Regulations Will Allow More Time for Compliance

Please review the draft text of the proposed regulation changes that will be presented to the Board on August 12, 2008. The proposed changes would extend the compliance deadline (September 21, 2008) to allow additional time for owners/operators to implement gas monitoring and control programs at existing sites. The Board’s Strategic Policy Development Committee will discuss this and other options for addressing implementation issues related to the regulations.

Please direct questions and comments to Bob Holmes.

This all LEA E-mail was sent on behalf of the Permitting and LEA Support Division of the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

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Date Released: August 6, 2008
LEA Correspondence,
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