California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Soliciting Your Vote for Another Beginning Landfill Gas Workshop

Date: February 21, 2008

To: All LEAs

This all LEA e-mail was sent on behalf of the LEA Training and Support Section of the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

The LEA Training and Support Section would like your vote on having the Beginning Landfill Gas Training Workshop repeated this year. Please use the voting buttons at the top to respond by March 21, 2008. If enough interest is generated we will begin to coordinate these classes immediately.

Class Description

Board staff will conduct a series of one-day landfill gas training workshops for local enforcement agency inspectors, CIWMB inspectors and operators. The class is limited to 12 trainees to accommodate an interactive approach and construction of “simulated” gas probes, offering hands-on experience to beginners.

Training Objectives

  • Develop trainee’s proficiency in landfill gas (LFG) monitoring
  • Provide trainee’s with accepted LFG monitoring techniques
  • Demonstrate the LFG monitoring probe construction
  • Provide a forum to discuss state minimum standards using real work examples
  • Build LFG monitoring experience quickly
  • Improve trainee’s understanding of the California LFG monitoring standards
  • Develop trainee’s proficiency with different landfill gas monitors

Thank you for your time.
LEA Training and Support Section

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Date Released: February 21, 2008
LEA Correspondence,
Melissa Hoover-Hartwick: (916) 341-6813