California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

June 2009 Board Meeting Summary

Date: June 18, 2009

To: All Local Enforcement Agencies

Board Meeting: June 16, 2009
Permitting and Compliance (P&C) Committee Meeting: June 8, 2009
Strategic Policy Committee Meeting: June 9, 2009

June Meeting Action Summary

Agenda items are listed by agenda number below:

Actions Taken by the California Integrated Waste Management Board in June 2009 of Interest to Local Enforcement Agencies
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Board Action Notes
1 Transfer/Processing Facility: Revised Full Solid Waste Facilities Permit for the Global Materials Recovery Systems Facility Concurred (Consent) Located in Sonoma County
2 Transfer/Processing Facility: New Full Solid Waste Facilities Permit for the Prima Deshecha Materials Recovery Facility Concurred (Consent) Located in Orange County
3 Transfer/Processing Facility: New Full Solid Waste Facilities Permit for the Harris Road LLC Materials Recovery Facility and Transfer Station Concurred (Consent) Located in Imperial County
4 Composting Facility: New Full Solid Waste Facilities Permit for the E & J Gallo Winery Composting Facility Concurred (Consent) Located in Fresno County
5 Consideration of Designation Approval and Certification of the Trinity County Environmental Health Division as the Local Enforcement Agency for the County of Trinity Approved The Board approved the designation of the Trinity County Environmental Health Division as the LEA for Trinity County, and issued certification types A, C and D to the LEA as requested. Shasta County LEA is terminating their agreement with Trinity County and will no longer provide LEA program services effective June 30, 2009.
6 Grant Awards for the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program (Farm and Ranch Cleanup Account, FY 2008/09) Approved (Committee Consensus Support) Board approved five grants totaling $300,011 for the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program. The five sites awarded cleanup funds are:
  • San Benito Resource Conservation District received $93,617 to clean up and remove tons of concrete, trash and metal, and more than 100 tires on three properties in rural San Benito County. Trash threatens year-round farmland, San Benito River and nearby properties.
  • Monterey County Resource Conservation District received $92,381 to remove 350 car tires and 232 tons of waste on four private parcels used to grow strawberries and vegetable row crops. Bilingual “no dumping” signs, fencing and gates will be erected to discourage further dumping.
  • Sutter County Resource Conservation District was awarded $61,930 to clean up seven illegal dumping sites on active and productive orchards. The funds will reimburse three Sutter county landowners who have used their own money to combat illegal dumping for several years. The district will construct fences and gates to discourage future illegal dumping.
  • Yolo County Resource Conservation District received $47,168 to clean and restore more than 600 acres of sheep grazing lands in the Capay Valley. More than 120 cubic yards of trash are strewn on the property and threatens a seasonal creek. The property is fenced and gated so the likelihood of future dumping is minimal.
  • Sierra Resource Conservation District received $4,915 to reimburse a property owner who cleaned up 45 cubic yards of waste in a fallowed orchard in the San Joaquin Valley east of Fresno. The land will be replanted with an active orchard. Active working of the land and signage should reduce future dumping.
8 Consideration of Adoption of the Recommendation to the Legislature in Fulfillment of Assembly Bill 2296 (Montanez, Chapter 504, Statutes of 2006) Approved In response to AB 2296, the Board recommends establishing state-wide pooled financial assurance mechanism(s) to address the financial exposure for postclosure maintenance and corrective action. The recommendation is that the Legislature consider establishing pooled fund(s) to address the residual financial exposure the State faces when landfill operators default and are unable to pay for postclosure maintenance and corrective action. Board staff will make minor revisions to the report to the legislature that transmits the recommendations. Board Chair Margo Reid Brown will transmit the recommendations to the Legislature by July 1, 2009.
11 Consideration of Revisions to the 2009 CIWMB Strategic Directives to Address Climate Change Approved The Approved Strategic Directive proposes that the Board will continue to participate in the Climate Action Team formed with AB 32. Action plan and performance measures will be adopted later.
12 Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program Application for Ability Counts, Inc. (Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Subaccount, FY 2008/09) Approved Board approved a $685,000 loan to Ability Counts, Inc. (Ability Counts) through the Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program (RMDZ Loan). Ability Counts provides vocational training and employment to 470 developmentally disabled individuals who sort, resell and recycle plastic hangars. Ability Counts is projecting to add at least 30 employees and divert an additional 1,230 tons per year of plastic hangers as a result of the loan.

June Meeting Quick Notes

  • Bill Orr Retires: Our much appreciated and valued Division Chief of Cleanup, Closure and Financial Assurance is retiring. This was Bill Orr’s last CIWMB Board meeting as Board staff. Bill has accepted the position of Executive Director for the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS). CHPS administers a variety of programs to promote “greener” and healthier schools through design, construction and operation, and under Bill’s leadership will be growing into a national organization.
  • Financial Assurance Regulations: There will be a public workshop on July 9, 2009, to solicit feedback on proposed regulation text changes. Staff will return to the Board in August for additional direction on the proposed regulations dealing with closing and now closed landfills prior to initiating an additional 45 day comment period.
  • Race Across America: Elliott Block, CIWMB Chief Counsel, will ride his bike (pedal powered) coast to coast to raise funds for live organ donation. Elliot’s bike team, Team Give Hope, has already raised over $53,000 with the generous support of friends and CIWMB co-workers. The race begins June 20, and participants hope to finish in six days. Follow his team’s progress on the Team Donate Life website.

Upcoming Events

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Date Released: June 18, 2009
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