California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Guidance on the Non-Water Release Corrective Action (CA) Cost Estimate Requirement

Date: March 28, 2013

To: All LEAs

Implementation of the Non-Water Release Corrective Action (CA) Cost Estimate Requirement

At the March 5, 2013 EAC meeting, there were questions concerning the status and procedures for the non-water release corrective action (CA) cost estimate requirement. To assist LEAs in the implementation of this recent requirement, the following documents are attached.

  1. LEA CAP Guidance--This document provides general background and implementation information for the non-water release CA requirement.
  2. CA Estimate Status--This document provides the current status of CA estimates and plans, if appropriate, submitted to CalRecycle.
  3. CA Estimate Due Date--This document presents the estimated due date for CA estimates and plans. Please note that this document was prepared based on January 2011 SWIS data. A number of caveats are included in the notes on the spreadsheets. Staff is in the process of preparing an updated spreadsheet with more current information. However, for most landfills, the due date should still be appropriate.

In addition to the above documents, CalRecycle has prepared guidance, including FAQs, concerning this topic.

Should you have any questions concerning the above matter, please contact Michael Wochnick in the Engineering Support Branch.

This announcement is being sent on behalf of the Closure & Technical Support Section, CalRecycle. 

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Date Released: March 28, 2013
LEA Correspondence,
Melissa Hoover-Hartwick: (916) 341-6813