California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Local Enforcement Agency Regional Round Table Meetings

Local Enforcement Agency Southern Regional Round Table Agenda

Orange County Environmental Health
Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency
Second Floor Conference Room
Santa Ana
June 16, 1999
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

I. LEA & CIWMB Introductions (initiated by Paul Manasjan)

II. Issues from last RT: Construction & Demolition Regulations, Enforcement Regulations, Draft Conformance Finding Advisory, Bioaerosols - DHS report, Appliance Recycling, Title 27 Overlap Issues w/ DOSH, Hearing Panel Guidance, Permit Desk Manual

III. Discussion Options (facilitated by Paul Manasjan)

  • Solid Waste Issues - (each attendee is requested to bring one recent enforcement issue or question to discuss)
  • Training and the LEA Conference
  • LEA Authority at Closed Sites
  • Proposed Street Sweepings Advisory
  • TS Inspection Forms and Referral Procedures
  • LEA Talk for EAC/RT Input
  • Compostable Organic Materials: A Few Important Questions

IV. Update Options

  • Legislation: including SB 755
  • CIWMB Data Systems (Dorothy Rice’s New Assignment)
  • Farm And Ranch Clean-up Program
  • Lab Services Contract
  • Evaluation Program Update
  • LEA and CIWMB Staffing and Directories

V. Setting of Next RT Meeting & EAC Update (Paul Manasjan)

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Note: You hope some animal never bores a hole in your head and lays its eggs in your brain, because later you might think you’re having a good idea but it’s just eggs hatching.

Also, participants are encouraged to bring a reusable cup for a hot drink.

For further information contact:
California Integrated Waste Management Board
Rachel Morton

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