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Spring 2005 Notes

Spring 2005 Round Tables (RT) were conducted in five venues throughout the state. The agendas for each round table may be different because the topics include issues of regional concern. LEAs from each of the venues worked with CIWMB staff to develop the round table agendas. Each round table venue has an LEA Chair, selected by the LEAs in that region. This collection of notes summarizes some of the dialogue occurring at the Round Tables and may paraphrase a number of concerns or recommendations of the local enforcement agency staff that attended. Since not all LEAs and CIWMB staff are able to attend every Round Table, this summary is being presented to make information available on some of the issues with statewide implications. Further, these summaries may help to focus all parties in efforts to determine if the Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC), California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) or the CIWMB staff recommends any program changes at the State and local level. LEAs in attendance at the Spring Round Table meetings represented 44 LEA jurisdictions out of the 55 Board-certified LEAs.


Permit Implementation Regulations (AB 1497)-Public Hearings, Defining Significant Change and More: This item was also discussed during the previous Winter 2005 Round Tables. LEAs were provided an update on the results of the suggested regulatory language from the workshops, working group, Round Tables and EAC on the six regulatory issues. The six issues are 1) EA Public Hearing Requirements; 2) Defining Significant Change Not Authorized by the Permit; 3) Maintaining a Record of Community Outreach Efforts; 4) Providing Notice of 5 Year Permit Reviews; 5) Clarifying the Relationship Between the SWFP and CUP and other agency permits 6) Requiring Random, Surprise Inspections. Some comments at the RTs included adding a land use permit requirement to file under a Notification tier. Much of the dialogue about the six regulatory issues took place during the LEA to LEA discussion.

Training and the Conference: LEAs raved about this year’s LEA Conference and the superb presentations and incredible pampering due to the quality accommodations. Additionally, many LEAs had attended the inspired A-Z (C is for CEQA) Permit Training and the training was highly praised. More excellent training will be presented this fall (see the training schedule). Additional classes are being developed based on the requests for training specified in the surveys submitted by the LEAs. At the South Central venue, LEAs requested that more training sessions be scheduled in their area and they will guarantee adequate attendance. Also, one venue requested that training on screening and monitoring for radioactive wastes at transfer stations and landfills.

New Permit Application Form and Procedures: At every Round Table venue, there were questions and some confusion on how to complete the new permit application form. One of the issues involved how much tonnage should be noted on the permit application (in the ‘other’ box) when there is a separate recycling collection area and no recyclables go across the scales and total permitted tonnage is not negatively impacted. Additionally, there were questions on calculating landfill capacity and other issues. Training on the application form was provided at the A-Z (C is for CEQA) Permit Training. At least one Round Table venue thought that additional training on completing the permit application form would be useful.

Questions? Contact the Permitting and Inspection (P&I) staff liaison for your jurisdiction.

Waste Tire Round Tables: Many LEAs have Waste Tire Enforcement Grants from the CIWMB. A poll was taken at each of the Round Tables to see if LEAs would want to have a portion of the LEA Round Table dedicated to Waste Tire Enforcement issues. LEAs said that there are many so issues related to Waste Tire Enforcement that it would be best to hold separate Round Tables. Additionally, not all LEAs attending the Round Tables have Waste Tire Enforcement Grants so it was recommended that separate meetings would best serve all. Three statewide Waste Tire Enforcement Round Tables are scheduled for August 2005.

Questions? Contact the Waste Tire Enforcement staff liaison for your jurisdiction.

Inspection & Enforcement Website: There was some discussion on the inclusion of Inspection Reports and Enforcement Actions in SWIS. LEAs were most interested in how the enforcement actions should be presented. Some LEAs will be looking at internal procedures for re-issuing enforcement orders so that the enforcement efforts are accurately reflected. There were some concerns about the need to post the additional enforcement information and the possibility of more questions generated from the public who may not understand the information. LEAs will continue to review the site information posted for their jurisdictions.

Questions? Contact the P&I staff liaison for your jurisdiction.

Other: At many Round Table venues, LEAs expressed concern over the requirements for universal waste handling when the exemption expires on February 8, 2006. Additionally, LEAs were very supportive of AB 1017, which proposes some funding and would establish another illegal dumping enforcement program within the CIWMB. At the Round Tables, it was stated that in many jurisdictions illegal dumping remains a major environmental problem. In the rural areas, an increasing number of TVs/ cathode ray tubes are being illegally dumped in uninhabited areas. LEAs mentioned that more money is needed at the local level to clean up the illegal dump sites and AB 1017 would assist.

Questions? Contact the P&I staff liaison for your jurisdiction.

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