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Meeting Notes: September/October 2012


Fall Roundtables (RT) were conducted in September/October 2012 throughout the state in five venues: Visalia, Ventura, Woodland, Redding and Marina. Venues for each RT rotate throughout the state during the Winter-Spring-Fall RTs. The agenda for each venue identifies issues of regional concern. Each RT meeting has a Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Chair, selected by the LEAs within the region. This individual also represents the region on the Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC). The collection of these notes summarizes the topics and some of the dialogue occurring at the RTs and may paraphrase a number of concerns or recommendations of LEA staff in attendance. To make information available for other interested LEAs and stakeholders, CalRecycle posts these meeting notes on the Department’s web site, and, as needed, includes follow-up information about activities to resolve or clarify issues. This series of RTs were attended by forty-eight LEA representatives, which represented eighty percent (80%) of the jurisdictions throughout California.

Topics of Discussion

Farm and Ranch Cleanup and Abatement Grant

CalRecycle offers a Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program. It provides funding for the cleanup of illegal solid waste sites on farm or ranch property. Farm or ranch property is property used for rangeland or agricultural activities such as, but not limited to, commercial livestock and crop production, horticulture, aquaculture, silviculture, floriculture, vermiculture, and viticulture. Farm or ranch property can be publicly or privately owned and need not have active sales or production, but must be appropriately zoned or otherwise authorized for agricultural activities. Questions on this grant can be directed to Carla Repucci.

SWIS Digital Inspections Program (SWIS DIP)

The Northern and Bay Area Regional RTs offered suggestions to streamline or enhance the digital inspection reporting program:

  • Allow counties the ability to edit the address box.
  • Add a spell check function.
  • Possibility of adding a 48-hour window to un-submit a report.
  • Add an “other box.”
  • Do something with the “utility box.” Many times it cannot be used.
  • For standard violation language add a drop down box.
  • Once a code it written down have a link to the regulation it is quoting.
  • Add fonts, colors, underlining and bold functions.

Questions on SWIS Digital Inspections, please contact your Permitting and Inspection (P&I) staff liaison.

Draft Regulatory Revisions to Title 14 and 27

CalRecycle staff has developed initial draft proposed text on thirteen (13) topics within the Compostable Materials and Transfer/Processing regulations. Informal workshops were initiated in October 2011 and throughout 2012 to obtain stakeholder input. For the current period, workshops were held on the following dates: September 25, October 3, October 23, and October 31, 2012. Stakeholder comments received on the initial discussion draft text are published on this Public Notice website. Comments on the initial drafts received from LEAs during the RT meetings included:

  • Hard to use a nuisance issue for odor.
  • Regarding publically owned treatment works (POTWs), if approval of additional materials is in consultation with CalRecycle, where is the LEA involved?
  • There are lots of agricultural sites that seem to fall out, where public health and safety concerns are not coming into play. CalRecycle response: the regulations are for the State and State requirements. LEAs can pass local ordinances to address issues or concerns. There continue to be agriculture solid waste regulations that could be used as appropriate.
  • On green waste contamination it will be very challenging. There is a big concern with having the green waste contamination level at 0.1%.
  • On green waste contamination it's getting more complicated, what’s the point? The regulations are getting weird; the whole point is to minimize impact. Third party sampling is dicey enough, in that the operator collects his own as it is. Have the operator keep records as to where it was taken. How is the operator going to deal with contamination?
  • On green waste contamination keeping the 0.1% on the front end, the issue is it’s not tested based on regulatory language.
  • Regarding green waste, would like to move Notification to mimic construction and demolition (C&D), where if they fail two tests they go up to the next level.
  • The onsite storage and 12,500 limit, once it’s blended it becomes stabilized and can easily be measured with a thermometer.
  • Onsite storage, the 1,000 cubic yards needs clarification.
  • Onsite storage, thirty calendar days makes it consistent, when responding to operator requests.
  • Onsite storage, this will be an issue with composting facilities, specifically Chip and Grind.
  • On Issue 2-Land application: disposal or beneficial use. We have an issue with increasing storage requirements. Most language is written to allow more, stabilizing compost. LEA is allowed discretion; we need more parameters for this decision making avenue.

Status of Proposed Legislation

CalRecycle staff provided a brief update to the RTs on the following bills. More information about each bill can be found on CalRecycle’s legislation web page.

  • AB 845 (Ma) Solid waste: place of origin--Chaptered by Secretary of State on 9/25/12.
  • AB 1442 (Wieckowski) Pharmaceutical waste--Chaptered by Secretary of State on 9/28/12.
  • AB 1900 (Gatto) Renewable energy resources: biomethane--Chaptered by Secretary of State on 9/27/12.
  • AB 2196 (Chesbro) Renewable energy resources--Chaptered by Secretary of State on 9/27/12.
  • SB 419 (Simitian) Solid Waste: home generate sharps--Vetoed by Governor on 9/28/12.
  • SB 480 (Solorio) Insurance: solid waste facilities--Chaptered by Secretary of State on 9/28/12.
  • SB 1118 (Hancock) Solid waste: used mattresses--This bill was referred to committee.
  • SB 1122 (Rubio) Energy: renewable bioenergy projects--Chaptered by Secretary of State on 9/27/12.

LEA Training Master Schedule

CalRecycle will host a Technical Training Series in Sacramento, California at the Sacramento Convention Center November 5 through November 8, 2012.

CalRecycle established a Steering Committee of stakeholders that will identify sessions and topic goals for the event.

Please note: Past meeting agendas and notes are retained for historical purposes. Over time, some information and links on these pages may become dated and/or inaccurate.

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