California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Local Enforcement Agency Regional Roundtable Meetings

January 2017 Agenda: Bay Area

San Francisco Department of Public Health
25 Van Ness Ave, Room 610
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-3840

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

 I. LEA Introductions/Agenda Review/Announcements

  • Late additions to the agenda

 II. LEA-to-LEA Discussion/Update (facilitated by Stan Chau)

  • Informal regulations workshop on glass container processing and other similar materials, 12-21-16
  • Medical Cannabis Jan. 18-19, Sacramento announcement and discussion
  • Closed landfill discussion meeting, Jan. 25, Marin
  • EAC Meeting Highlights. Minutes pending. Will send out when completed.
    • John Wells voted in as EAC Co-Vice Chair
    • Marijuana Compost-Land apply, disposal (also see above regarding global involvement in addressing issue)
    • Green Material/Invasive Pests/Quarantines-Ag Commissioner training via California Department of Food and Agricultur5e (CDFA) venue in March with focus on Agricultural Groups to educate on movement. Generally, goal is to network/collaborate to control pest movement.
    • Wood Waste and Reuse Options-Pretty detailed, better described in minutes.  Generally, summary seems to be a variety of issues pertaining to wood waste related to beetle kills (“Woodegedden”), where is it going, sites exceeding capacities, processing expenses, fires at closed landfills due to over application, paradigm shift from commodity to waste due to cogeneration plant closures.
    • Enforcement Agency Notification-Training to be developed before Technical Training Sessions. To be placed on CalRecycle website Jan-Mar. Can be used now via your CalRecycle point of contact.
    • Environmental Justice-Save for CalRecycle to update.
    • AB 901--Solid Waste Reporting Requirements-Workshops planned, wait for CalRecycle update.
    • Glass Container Training-Mark put a plug for LEA participation to assist/jumpstart with starting discussions in areas where CalRecycle may not have as much experience. Local input would be very helpful.
    • Closure Related Documents, Jeff Hackett-Non Water Corrective Action Plans and PCMP/Closure Plans. Updated cost estimates even for sites with no changes to Title 27 Section 21865. Goal is to be caught up and emails have been/will be sent out to individual LEAs.

 III. CalRecycle and LEA Discussion/Update (facilitated by Stan Chau)

  • Open Forum-probably discuss items listed above.

 IV. Setting of Next Round Table Meeting

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