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Managing Conflict Productively

Dates and Locations

  • January 24, 2008--Cypress
  • January 29, 2008--Petaluma
  • January 31, 2008--Sacramento

Class Overview

This one-day class focused on the productive management of conflict for LEAs and CIWMB staff who are often involved in complex negotiations with operators and other regulatory agencies, often with a variety of interests. Management of conflict is vital in this environment. During the class, concepts for understanding conflict and tools to manage conflict were covered and practiced using representative LEA and CIWMB customized scenarios. Topics included: conflict escalation and de-escalation, the role of perception, negotiation interests and positions, conflict management approaches, and communication tools to manage conflict.

Class Objectives

  • Provided a conceptual framework for understanding the dynamics of conflict.
  • Addressed communication concepts and the connection between conflict and communication.
  • Discussed and practiced tools for enhancing effective communication and managing conflict.
  • Provided practical tips to address conflict in typical LEA and CIWMB staff communication and negotiation roles.
  • Practiced application of conflict management tips to LEA and CIWMB staff work scenarios.


Sixty-six attendees participated in the three Managing Conflict Productively training classes. Thirty-one LEA, 25 Board and 10 tire grantee staff throughout the state attended the training. The 66 attendees were offered continuing education credit from the Solid Waste Association of North America.


Carolyn Penny, Codirector of Common Ground: Center for Cooperative Solutions at UC Davis Extension and a conflict resolution practitioner for over 20 years, presented key concepts and facilitated customized class exercises and interaction. Georgianne Turner, CIWMB staff, facilitated class discussions to address the link to LEA and CIWMB work applications.

Conflict Management Resources

This list of resources is offered as a starting point for more information. It is not exhaustive.

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