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The videos on this page are provided to help local enforcement agencies (LEA), California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) staff and solid waste facility operators learn more about solid waste management. Many of the videos are from classes offered by the LEA, Operator and Tire Grantee Training Branch of CalRecycle. See below for the technical requirements necessary to join us on line. As new videos are made available they will be added to this page.

Copyrights. CalRecycle reserves all rights to the information and materials on this page. These videos, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced without permission. To obtain permission to use CalRecycle materials, submit a written request to CalRecycle's Publications Manager. More information can be found on CalRecycle's copyright page.

Hazardous Waste Classification

California Hazardous Waste Classification Online Training Course: This Department of Toxic Substances Control interactive course will provide inspectors, and solid waste facility operators with information on the proper classification and understanding of hazardous waste, as well as hazardous waste classification laws and regulations. This course covers hazardous waste identification through different characteristics and listings, exclusions from the waste classification requirements, test methods used to measure the characteristics of wastes, and information on how to determine whether a waste is a federally regulated Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) or a California regulated (non-RCRA) hazardous waste.

Solid Waste Permit Process and CEQA Refresher

This 2-day training includes videos and highlighted the solid waste facility permit process with emphasis on the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) linkages on CalRecycle's website and was offered to LEAs, CalRecycle staff, operators, planners and consultants. The training was done in partnership with volunteers from various county environmental health LEAs and CalRecycle staff using PowerPoint presentations and group activities to engage the audience and provide an interesting and informational training.

LEA/CalRecycle Conference

The 2007 LEA/CIWMB conference, held at the Bahia Resort in San Diego October 16-18, proved to be an outstanding event that succeeded in providing a host of interesting topics for Board staff, local enforcement agencies, tire grantees, and for the first time, to solid waste facility operators. Videos are available from several of the sessions held on October 16, the first day of the conference. The video topics include welcoming remarks, global warming and climate change, land use and communicating effectively.

CalEPA Fundamental Inspector Course

This online course contains an overview of CalEPA Boards, Departments and local agencies, environmental law, environmental science, the role of the environmental inspector and basic field health and safety. This class is a prerequisite for attending the Basic Inspector Academy. Although the course was designed for new environmental inspectors, members of the public may also find this training helpful.

To take the course, you will have to create an account and then be sent an email with the password needed to take the course.

Planning for Informational Meetings

In January and February 2007, CalRecycle offered four one-day training classes to LEAs, solid waste facility operators, and CalRecycle staff on "Planning for Informational Meetings" (PIM). This class provided participants with the requirements for public notices and informational meetings as prescribed in the regulations based upon Assembly Bill 1497 (Montanez), Chapter 823, Statutes of 2003. The slide presentation, agenda, tools, and videos for each class are included on the training webpage.


January through March 2007, CalRecycle's LEA, Operator, and Tire Grantee Training and Support Section staff conducted eight Load-Checking Workshops throughout the state. These workshops were offered to LEAs, solid waste facility operators and CalRecycle staff. The classes included an overview of load-checking requirements and procedures, health and safety, chain of evidence, and emergency response. The classes also included several speakers, both operators and LEAs, who discussed their load-checking programs and inspection procedures. The workshop page includes slide presentations and videos from speakers that participated in the February 14, 2007, Sacramento venue.

State Minimum Standards

June through November 2007, CalRecycle offered nine two-day state minimum standards training classes to LEAs, CalRecycle staff, site operators and other interested parties. These classes provided a forum to discuss and improve mutual understanding of solid waste issues. The two-day class covered landfill standards, compost and, compliance at transfer stations and construction demolition and inert debris sites. The slide presentations, class materials, and videos from the July 31-August 1 Sacramento class are included on the training webpage.

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