California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

LEA and Facility Operator Training

Using GIS in the LEA World

November–December 2005
4 classes, 3 locations throughout California

In November and December 2005, the CIWMB offered a one-day training class to LEAs and CIWMB staff on the topic of using geographic information systems (GIS) in relation to conducting solid waste management activities. The goal of this introductory class was to give attendees an understanding of GIS basics; create a simple demonstration map; and learn how to acquire data from various sources. Attendees were encouraged to bring their own laptops with the GIS software installed so they could experience hands-on training and experiment with the GIS tools.

52 people attended the training including LEAs and CIWMB staff. Continuing education unit credits were offered through the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

Dates & Locations

  • November 3, 2005–Woodland Hills
  • November 8, 2005–Clovis
  • November 16, 2005–Sacramento
  • December 8, 2005-Sacramento

Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to GIS
  • Capturing Geographic Data
  • How to Work the GIS
  • Using GIS Tools
  • Extensions and External Software
  • GIS Applications
  • Guest Speakers, Demonstration Case Studies


Henning Schreiber: Henning holds a master's degree in geography and earned a PhD in landscape ecology. He worked for 10 years as an environmental consultant in Germany before moving to the U.S. Henning also taught landscape ecology at the undergraduate and graduate levels and conducted ecological research in Switzerland, Finland, Greece, and Australia using GIS as a very useful tool. In the U.S. Henning started working for Calaveras County applying GIS to various aspects within the department. He is primarily involved with the Groundwater Protection Program of Calaveras County and the CUPA (Certified Unified Program Agencies). Henning used his experience administering Calaveras County’s GIS and applied it more closely to the LEA world and the activities that are encountered while conducting solid waste management activities.

Guest Speakers

Eugene Tseng is a consultant to the City of Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Department. He spoke about how to use GIS for environmental justice purposes using statistical analysis and consensus bureau data.

David Thompson is an LEA with the City of Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Department. He spoke about a case study surrounded by environmental justice issues and and ways to conduct appropriate community outreach using the GIS tool in order to encourage public participation.

Ted Terrasas, REHS is an LEA with the Division of Environmental Health, County of Monterey. He discussed the background and startup issues with implementing a GIS within Monterey County and forming partnerships with other governmental entities for resource efficiency.

Presentations and Materials

Using GIS In The LEA World: Henning Schreiber

LEA GIS Applications-Environmental Justice, Eugene Tseng and David Thompson 

GIS For The LEA, Ted Terrasas

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