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Developing an Effective Illegal Dumping Program in Tough Economic Times

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This five hour training class provided valuable information on methods for developing a new illegal dumping program and/or enhancing an existing program. The training was conducted by California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board) staff and consultants in partnership with Keep California Beautiful. The training featured case studies/model programs from Shasta County District Attorney's Office, Butte County Public Works, City of Fresno Code Enforcement Division, Sacramento County Department of Neighborhood Services, City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Bureau of Street Services, Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, and City of Oakland Litter Program.

Instructors and presenters provided 4 key elements in an illegal dumping program (PACE):

  1. Preventing illegal dumping
  2. Developing abatement strategies
  3. Conducting clean-ups
  4. Pursuing enforcement actions

Information on real life illegal dumping scenarios, obtainable funding resources, outreach methods and introduction to the Board’s new illegal dumping website was also covered.


  • What constitutes illegal dumping
  • Coordinating with agencies that deal with illegal dumping (program elements and local code development)
  • Management structure
  • Key program elements and data management
  • How to develop leadership and support for an illegal dumping program in the midst of budget duts (coordination and funding options)
  • Public safety dangers of illegal dumping
  • Strategies for prevention, abatement, compliance, cleanup and enforcement (PACE model)
  • Field safety
  • Targeted surveillance and signage
  • Penal codes and ordinances
  • Prosecution teams
  • Community outreach/education


This training was attended by a total of 225 people from 49 counties and 55 city organizations that included Code Enforcement Officers, Public Works Departments, Public Sanitation District staff, Administration Officers, Vector Control, Recycling Coordinators, City Attorney, Environmental Health Department staff, Police, Sheriff, Non-Profits and California Integrated Waste Management Board staff. The Sacramento venue provided attendees the option to either attend the training in person or via the Internet.

Instructor/Presenter Listing

  • Bill Mannel, Solid Waste Manager, Butte County Public Works
  • Christine Flowers-Ewing, Executive Director, Keep California Beautiful
  • Gary Harris, Chief Investigator for the City of Los Angeles, Public Works Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division
  • George E. Valdes, Code Enforcement Officer, Planning and Development Department, City of Fresno
  • John Watkins, Deputy Director, Riverside County Department of Environmental Health
  • Karl Howell, Investigative Technician II, Shasta County District Attorney’s Office
  • Ken Stuart, Consultant, California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB)
  • Myron H. Amerine, Senior Integrated Waste Management Specialist, CIWMB
  • Ricardo Garcia, Code Enforcement Officer II, Sacramento County Department of Neighborhood Services
  • Rich Edwards, Investigator II, Shasta County District Attorney’s Office
  • Richard Wright, Litter Enforcement Officer, City of Oakland, Public Works Agency, Litter Enforcement Program


These materials were developed under the auspices of the Board for specific classroom presentations and are posted as reference documents for the local government staff who attended this training. They are not intended to stand alone as informational or training materials. If you require assistance in obtaining access to the presentations, call the Public Affairs Office at (916) 341-6300


Dates and Locations

  • April 14, 2009: Redding
  • April 23, 2009: Sacramento
  • April 28, 2009: Fresno
  • May 5, 2009: Diamond Bar
  • May 20, 2009: Oakland

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