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Illegal Dumping Training Workshops

Past Illegal Tire Dumping Training

November 2000-January 2001
Five Locations

Illegal dumping is one of the most pervasive problems for cities and counties, and has been for at least 10 years. Unlike most city and county programs, illegal dumping usually does not fall into a specific program area. As a result, it usually does not receive adequate funding and resources. However, a few jurisdictions have been successful in developing a matrix team approach with funding and resources to tackle and prevent illegal dumping.

Goals of the Workshop

At the workshops, our goal was to provide attendees with the opportunity to:

  • Share their problems.
  • Hear about successful efforts in other jurisdictions.
  • Network with their counterparts in code enforcement, sheriffs, or public works.
  • Hear from a district attorney (DA) or county counsel on how to package a case for enforcement.
  • Conduct problem solving on their issues.
  • Hear about the current California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) programs.
  • Take home tools, support, and motivation that will help them strengthen or begin a program in their own jurisdiction.

CIWMB staff attending the workshops gained a better understanding of the local problems, additional tools and ideas needed to resolve the problems, and the motivation to continue providing and improving State assistance. Staff also saw the dedication and intense caring the local enforcement agents (LEAs) and their local partners displayed with respect to protecting the environment.

Workshop Topics

Local Jurisdiction: Setting-up an infrastructure to tackle illegal dumping. Review unique local solutions to illegal dumping.

  • Initiating local programs.
  • How to obtain voluntary compliance.
  • Legal strategies for remediation.
  • Public funded cleanup.
  • Promoting community involvement.

Finding a Solution: Find out what local jurisdictions believe are the roadblocks to preventing illegal dumping in their area. Also discussed are potential solutions to the "roadblocks".

  • Small group discussion on potential solutions for effective statewide enforcement.
  • Develop recommendations.

Clean Up, Prevention, and Maintenance:

  • Funding resources.
  • Creative recycling methods to save money (cost estimates).
  • Use of volunteers and inexpensive labor.
  • Health and safety issues.
  • Handling procedures for various waste types (white goods, abandoned vehicles, tires, household hazardous waste, etc.).

Locations and Dates

  • November 30, 2000: Chico
  • December 7, 2000: Stockton
  • January 11, 2001: Visalia
  • January 18, 2001: Ventura
  • January 25, 2001: San Diego


One hundred eighty four (184) people attended this training including representatives of solid waste facilities, LEA staff, Board staff, and local government programs.

Presentations and Materials

Setting-up An Infrastructure

Finding a Solution

Clean Up, Prevention, and Maintenance

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