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Presenter Biographies: Tire Surveillance Training

Alexander Barber is a graduate of Humboldt State University (1995). Mr. Barber worked extensively in the areas of photography and film, bringing his expertise to the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2001, where he began working with the Remote Video Surveillance of Environmental Crimes program for the CARB Enforcement Division. He is currently responsible for all surveillance of environmentally negligent companies in the Southern California area, including implementing and monitoring the recording of violations such as excessive pollution emissions and the illegal dumping of hazardous waste. Mr. Barber is also a Master Coast Guard 100 ton Captain (1999) and Certified Rescue Diver. He has donated much of his time and money to the improvement of coastal communities and other environmental endeavors, including habitat improvement/cleanup, and scientific studies of numerous species of coastal California fish.

Stephen Dolan graduated from San Diego State University with a BS Degree in Geology. He has worked for the CIWMB for 15 years, and has been in the Waste Tire Enforcement Program for the last 8 years. Mr. Dolan is currently the Grant Manager for County of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City, San Diego County and San Diego City.

Darrell Hawkins is an engineer with the CARB. Given an opportunity to help fight smog-check fraud using remote controlled video in 1993, he was pleased to find an assignment that was fun, challenging, and gave direct results to benefit the environment. Since then, he has helped investigators from many federal, state and local environmental enforcement agencies in California to acquire video evidence against environmental criminals. Darrell is a chemical engineer with eight years experience in petroleum refining, two years of world travel, one year of consulting, and now 14 years with CARB. He enjoys pipe watching, smokestack watching, dumpster watching, reading license plates, and especially watching people illegally dump waste tires. He hates mean people and poor lighting.

Bill Motmans: Biography not available.

John Pedersen, Senior Investigator provides investigative support to the California District Attorneys Association Environmental Circuit Prosecutor Project. Prior to joining the Project in January 2003 Investigator Pedersen managed the High Technology and Environmental Crimes Unit of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation, located in San Jose, California. He retired as a lieutenant after thirty years of service with the District Attorney’s Office. He was on the Environmental Crimes Team from 1985 until retirement and now works part-time with the Environmental Protection Unit providing training and assisting with investigations. He was a Sheriff’s Detective Sergeant prior to transferring to the District Attorney’s Office in 1972.

Investigator Pedersen graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s degree in 1973. He holds a Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management from the University of California, Santa Cruz Extension; has a Management Certificate from the Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training; is a Certified Instructor for the California Specialized Training Institute of the State Office of Emergency Services; and is a Registered Environmental Assessor through the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Investigator Pedersen lectures extensively in the area of law enforcement response to hazardous materials incidents and the role of enforcement in a regulatory system.

Richard Salinas: Biography not available.

George E. Valdes has been employed by the City of Fresno since June of 1998. George is currently working in the Code Enforcement Division of Housing and Development. In 2003, George was assigned to implement a surveillance and investigation team: Fresno Against Illegal Dumping (FAID). This team's primary duties were to conduct investigations and surveillance into illegal dumping, and the apprehension and prosecution of those individuals, as well as the education of the community. George's experience in the investigation field spans 28 years starting in 1977 while employed by the Tulare Police Dept, Tulare County Sheriffs Dept Special Investigation Unit (SIU), Huron Police Department (SIU), Mendota Police Dept. (SIU), Fresno County Sheriffs Dept (SIU) West Side Narcotic Task Force and the RJ Frasco Private Investigation Agency. During the course of his experience George has been assigned as a Detective to the Homicide Division, Robbery/Burglary Division, and Narcotics Divisions.

Stephanie Weissman is a graduate of the George Washington University School of Law and has been a Deputy District Attorney in Riverside since 1991. For the last two years Stephanie has been assigned to the Special Prosecutions Section, Environmental Crimes Unit. Stephanie is the senior deputy in the Environmental Crimes Unit and handles all types of environmental crimes throughout the county. Prior to her assignment in environmental crimes, her assignments included the Domestic Violence Unit, Juvenile Court, the Narcotics Unit and the Auto Theft Task Force. In 2004 Stephanie was named Special Prosecutions Section Prosecutor of the Year. In 2005 Stephanie received the Director’s Achievement Award from the California Department of Fish and Game.

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