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Planning for Informational Meetings Training

In January and February 2007, the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) offered four one-day training classes to local enforcement agencies (LEA), solid waste facility (SWF) operators, and CIWMB staff on “Planning for Informational Meetings (PIM). This class provided participants with the requirements for public notices and informational meetings as prescribed in the regulations based upon Assembly Bill 1497 (Montanez), Chapter 823, Statutes of 2003.

The training provided attendees with tips, examples, resources, and group exercises to demonstrate how to prepare and manage public meetings. Instructors discussed the steps required to prepare for a public informational meeting, such as:

  • The initial step of assembling a team.
  • Researching demographics.
  • Preparing a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list.
  • Developing a public notice.
  • Practical methods used to manage difficult people and situations.

Lecture combined with small group exercises provided LEAs, SWF operators, and CIWMB staff the opportunity to network and brainstorm other strategies to use when faced with planning an informational public meeting on a controversial issue.


Eighty-eight people attended the training including LEAs, SWF, operators and CIWMB staff. Solid Waste Association of North American (SWANA) continuing education credits were offered.

Workshop Topics

  • Permit Implementation Regulations
  • Meeting Planning Overview
  • Information on Demographic Resources
  • Tips for Preparing Fact Sheets, Key Messages and FAQs
  • Noticing Requirements
  • Public Meeting Checklist
  • Samples of Informational Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Handouts and Resources
  • Annotated Solid Waste Facility Permit
  • Equipment and Supplies Checklist
  • Project Work Plan
  • Managing Difficult People and Situations
  • Informational Meeting Summary Requirements
  • CIWMB and Other Resources
  • Proposed Regulations


  • Linda Hagthrop-Sheldon, a retired public information officer with the Orange County Integrated Waste Management Department has over 20 years experience planning and conducting public meetings, responding to the public, and training local representatives on public meeting strategies.
  • Bobbie Garcia has been with the CIWMB since 1992. She is a senior specialist with the Permitting and Enforcement Division and is lead on AB 1497 Permit Implementation Regulations. She has extensive experience in a variety of policy and program areas.

Class Presentation, Videos and Materials

Class Agenda

Presentation: The PowerPoint file contains the slides projected during the class. When the PowerPoint file is open in the browser, you can view the notes by selecting Edit > Edit Slides. The notes will appear at the bottom of the page. For the best view of the notes, save the PowerPoint file locally and then open in Notes Page view. If you require special accommodation to access this document pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at (916) 341-6300 or


Tools and Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Tool 1–Permit Implementation Regulations–At a Glance
  • Tool 1a-Detailed Description of the Permit Implementation Regulations
  • Tool 2-Meeting Planning Overview-Key Components for Getting Started
  • Tool 3–Information on Demographic Resources
  • Tool 4–Tips for Preparing Fact Sheets, Key Messages and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tool 5-Fact Sheet Sample
  • Tool 5a–Fact Sheet Sample–Internal Use
  • Tool 6-Key Messages Sample–Internal Use
  • Tool 6a-Key LEA Messages Sample-Internal Use
  • Tool 7a-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Sample
  • Tool 7b-More Detailed FAQ Sample
  • Tool 8–Noticing Requirements Summary
  • Tool 8a–Example of New Full Permit Public Notice
  • Tool 8b-Example of Revised Full Permit Public Notice
  • Tool 8b2-Example of Revised Full Permit Public Notice
  • Tool 8c-Example of Modified Permit Public Notice
  • Tool 8d-Example of Report of Facility Information Amendment Public Notice
  • Tool 8e-Example of New Full Permit Public Notice When Using a Substitute Meeting
  • Tool 9-Public Notice Timing and Distribution
  • Tool 10-Public Meeting Checklist
  • Tool 11-Informational Meeting Agenda Sample
  • Tool 12-Meeting Handouts and Resources
  • Tool 13–Sample Meeting Agenda and Script–Internal Use
  • Tool 14–Annotated Solid Waste Facility Permit
  • Tool 15–Equipment and Supplies Checklist
  • Tool 16-Project Work Plan-for Complex Meetings
  • Tool 17–Managing Difficult People and Situations
  • Tool 18–Informational Meeting Requirements
  • Tool 19–CIWMB & Other Resources
  • Tool 20–Proposed Regulations
  • Tool 21–Assembly Bill 1497 (Montanez), Chapter 823, Statutes of 2003
  • Class Expectations and Results of Group Exercise
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