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October/November 2006: Field Inspector Safety Training

This 8-hour class was designed to provide an introduction to health and safety practices and procedures for new solid waste inspectors and also served as a refresher for experienced inspectors. The class addressed field issues including accident, injury, illness awareness and prevention; violence from irate individuals; confined space protocols; as well as protective clothing and equipment selection.

Students gained knowledge from lecture, case studies and class discussion that focused on the key inspection safety issues on which they must make decisions before going into the field, while traveling and while at the facility.

Participants who successfully completed the class were provided with a certificate of completion.

Training Objectives

  • Understand how to plan and prepare for a field inspection
  • Know how to select appropriate gear and protective equipment for various solid waste facility inspections
  • Learn proper protocols to reduce exposure to physical, chemical and biological hazards
  • Acquire awareness of security issues on-site including armed guards and guard dogs.

Locations and Dates

  • Fairfield--October 18, 2006 Canceled
  • Diamond Bar--November 1, 2006
  • Sacramento--November 7, 2006
  • Bakersfield--November 16, 2006 Canceled

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