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Long-Term Landfill Care: Cost Estimating and Proactive Monitoring (01-006-2010)

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Class Description

This two-hour class provided instruction on two specific provisions of the new long-term landfill care regulations.

The class consisted of a lecture followed by a question and answer period.

Topics Covered

  • Description of Cost Estimates and Regulatory Review Requirements:
    • Closure
    • Postclosure Maintenance
    • Corrective Action
  • General Criteria for Determining Cost Estimates
    • Area of landfill (footprint, acreage, etc)
    • Items Covered (activities and material quantities)
    • Unit Cost (State’s costs, CalTrans standards, etc.)
  • Proactive Monitoring
    • Definition
    • Benefits
    • How Implemented

CD or Transcripts

To request a CD or transcript of this event, please contact Loan Feher.


No Charge

Education Goals/Class Objectives

  • Identify key elements of an accurate cost estimate.
  • Define proactive monitoring.
  • Describe how proactive monitoring benefits landfill operations.

Training Location and Date

Sacramento, June 15, 2010, 10:00 a.m.-noon

  • Option 1: Webinar Screening at CalEPA Building in Sacramento
  • Option 2: Webinar with audio will be broadcast through the computer


  • Michael Wochnick, Closure and Technical Support Section, CalRecycle


  • Landfill owners/operators/staff
  • Local Enforcement Agency staff, CalRecycle staff, Consultants and others who prepare or review landfill closure, postclosure or corrective action plans

Continuing Education

Please contact Melissa Hoover-Hartwick if you have questions or need help with registration.

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