California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

LEA and Facility Operator Training

Beginning Landfill Gas Training Workshop

Dates and Locations

August 21, 2007--South San Francisco
August 23, 2007--Madera
September 19, 2007--Sacramento
September 26, 2007--San Diego
September 27, 2007--Ventura
October 3, 2007--Sacramento
October 30, 2007--Red Bluff
December 4, 2007--Red Bluff

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) offered eight one-day Beginning Landfill Gas (LFG) training classes to LEAs and Board staff who perform field activities at solid waste facilities. This training provided trainees with information on new gas monitoring regulations, the basics of landfill gas, LFG monitoring systems, and demonstrated how LFG equipment works and proper methods to monitor landfill gas.

Topics Included:

  • New gas monitoring regulations at active and closed disposal sites
  • Introduction to LFG basics
  • Introduction to LFG instrument operation procedures
  • Operation of LFG monitors
  • Monitoring for LFG
  • Evaluating monitoring results
  • Hands-on monitoring in simulated field conditions
  • Simulated landfill probe construction
  • Difference between adequate and inadequate monitoring


73 Local Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and Board staff from throughout the state attended. Attendees were offered six hours of continuing education credit from the Solid Waste Association of North America.


CIWMB staff instructors were John Bell, who currently manages the South Branch of the Permitting and LEA Support Division, and Gino Yekta, who works in the Closure and Financial Assurances Branch as a waste management engineer.

Course Presentation and Materials

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