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LEA and Facility Operator Training

LEA and Operator Solid Waste Training Program

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The Board is expanding its current LEA training program to systematically include facility operators. Reasons to attend the Board sponsored technical trainings:

  • Wide variety of training options tailored to your specific needs
  • Interaction with others in the field; including facility operators and regulators
  • Trainings offered at low or no cost
  • It comes to you--multiple training locations throughout California--travel minimized
  • Obtain SWANA continuing education units (CEU)

If you would like to receive class announcements and updates on this new training program, please complete and submit a contact form.


In the fall of 1999, the Board approved the development of a pilot, four-year, voluntary Landfill Operator/Inspector Certification Program. The objective was to improve facility operations, provide improved regulatory compliance and address operational issues such as operating and maintenance costs as well as optimization of landfill space. The pilot program had two components: a partnership with the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), and; the development of a series of Board-sponsored training workshops.

After evaluation of the pilot program the Board directed staff to pursue the development of draft regulations for training certification for landfill managers and inspectors. This process began in the Spring of 2004 with informal workshops to solicit comments on draft regulations. At subsequent meetings, discussions were held on the Board's role in broader local enforcement agency (LEA) and facility operator training.

At its December 13, 2005 meeting, the Board directed staff to cease the development of the draft regulations for mandatory operator/inspector training and certification. Instead, the Board recommended that staff implement an expanded training program that would meet the increasing needs of the LEAs and more systematically encompass facility operators. The intent of an expanded program is to provide quality, comprehensive training to a wider array of stakeholders by offering additional courses at more regional locations. In this expanded approach, the Board will offer a menu of courses utilizing in-house staff, other CalEPA staff, academia, and consultants.

Announcement Flyer

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