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Part One (Self-Paced Workbook)-Basics of Full Solid Waste Facility Permit Process (01-007-2010)

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The two-part training format the solid waste facility permit process was introduced in 2010. Part One (Self-Paced Workbook)-Basics of Full Solid Waste Facility Permit Process focused on fundamental information highlighted in five different modules. It was a pre-requisite for Part Two (Classroom Training). Each module contained a series of questions for self-assessment and a final exam upon Workbook completion.The goals for this training were to:

  • Review steps in the Full Solid Waste Permit Process
  • Build awareness of lead roles and responsibilities for LEAs and CalRecycle staff in the permit review process

Training Topics

  • Module 1-Solid Waste Regulations Overview
  • Module 2-Solid Waste Facility Permit Application Package Requirements
  • Module 3-Solid Waste Facility Permit Processes
  • Module 4-Permit Revisions and 5 Year Review
  • Module 5-CEQA Basics for Solid Waste Facility Permits


Workbook registration began on July 2, 2010 and ended on September 28, 2010. 147 registrations were received for the Part One Permit Training, and of those eight people withdrew because of time constraints. 87 exams were received back from attendee and of those 100% passed the exam or received assistance from their permit contact at CalRecycle to pass the exam.

Continuing Education

Registered Environmental Health Specialist: 6 contact hours were available

Class Materials

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