California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

LEA, TEA and Facility Operator Training

Training Needs Survey

Local enforcement agencies (LEA), tire enforcement agencies (TEA), facility operators, and CalRecycle staff are surveyed regularly by CalRecycle to determine their training needs. The current training survey along with past surveys and survey results follow.

2015 Survey

2014 Survey

2013 Survey

The 2013 survey captured useful information from LEAs and TEAs to determine training priorities, topics, regional issues, and class formats.


The survey results are displayed separately by each group of respondents. Click on the hyperlinks below to view results:

This information results from a survey of LEA and TEA training needs and is being posted for the benefit of LEAs and TEAs. If you require assistance accessing these survey results, contact the LEA Support Unit at (916) 341-6400.

2011 Survey

2009 Survey

2008 Survey

2006/07 Survey

2005 Survey

2004 Survey

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